Hi ,

I had a really bad day on Tuesday. I was called dishonest. deceitful and labeled a scammer by the Hacker News crowd. Now I'm a stubborn, strong-willed individual, but these words hurt me.

The criticism stemmed  from how I initially tested and validated my ideas for PublicBeta.

The thing is that I get the criticism; this technique was never designed to make everyone happy. Heck, I didn't even think that all entrepreneurs would like this technique. It was even a tad outside of my own comfort zone.

But I did it any way, because the risks associated with the technique was ultimately much less than the risks of over-committing in an unvalidated direction and in the process causing the death of PublicBeta. If there is no PublicBeta, then there's no way that I / we can build something that can help other entrepreneurs.

So it's literally like being between a rock and a hard place... But only that the one part is a little softer (telling a white lie to validate your idea) than the other (investing all your resources into an unvalidated suggestion).

Whatever it takes

The thing about me is that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see PublicBeta succeed. That is simply how passionate I am about this startup that I'm building. I really want to help other entrepreneurs and nothing will prevent me from doing everything in my power to execute that vision.

It sucks to be criticized and to have my integrity questioned. But those are just words and in the bigger picture, they don't hurt me. I'm much more concerned about the sticks and the stones that will inevitably break a few of my bones along the way.

What are you willing to do or sacrifice to see your startup succeed?



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