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VICNISS Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance Coordinating Centre eBulletin

eBulletin March Edition 64

In this Edition:

On the web: www.vicniss.org.au
Email: VICNISS @ mh.org.au

Reminders - Data:

Data Due Reports Available
Type 1 Q3, 2014/15 1st May 2015 Via VICNISS User Portal
Type 2 Q3, 2014/15 24th April 2015 Via VICNISS User Portal
Hand Hygiene 31st March 2015 Self Services via HHCApp

Staff Changes

We welcome two newcomers to our team. Infection Control Consultants, Liz Orr and Alex Hoskins are replacing Jenny Bradford and Noleen Bennett during their secondment periods. Both Liz and Alex have settled in quickly and have become part of the team already. They are looking forward to being able to assist with any queries where possible.

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VICNISS Website Upgrade

The VICNISS website is currently undergoing an upgrade. This is both cosmetic and functional. Included in the upgrade is that all of our forms are being upgraded to a new system which will make them more responsive and adaptive for use on tablets and other mobile devices. As a bonus they should also have a nicer more modern look and work faster! It will take some time to get all the forms onto this framework so please be patient. Our logo has been given a facelift and this may be the first thing that you will notice in the short term.

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VICNISS Self Service Reports Update

Health Service Performance Dashboard Report update

This new Health Service Performance Dashboard Report was released in January 2015. This is a summary report which gives an overview of your health service results for all the indicators included in the Victorian Health Performance Monitoring Framework, plus individual hospital campus results. The idea is that you can get a summary of how you have performed with respect to the Monitor for the completed quarter. Access this report via the User Portal on the VICNISS website and select ‘View Health Service Performance Dashboard’. Time periods over which rates are calculated have been adjusted so that data on this dashboard now reflects data that your CEO receives from the Department of Health & Human Services under the Performance Monitoring Framework.

De-identified Charts

The de-identified charts have changed. The user can chose the surveillance module and report end date to be reported. Access the new de-identified charts via the User Portal. When logged on successfully, select 'generate reports', from the list of self service reports select the required de-identified chart e.g. 'CLABSI - De-identified Hospital Data', complete all data fields & finally select 'view report'.

Central Line-associated Bloodstream (CLABSI) Reports

CLABSI reports have been updated. CLABSI rates will no longer include those events that meet the MBI-LCBI criteria (also known as CLAMBI- Central line and Mucosal Barrier Injury Bloodstream Infection; these are BSIs that occur due to translocation of gut microbiota in at-risk immunocompromised patients and are not associated with the central line). CLAMBI events will be reported separately on the CLABSI report but will not be included in the CLABSI rate.

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VICNISS Online Data Entry Forms (Web forms)

Occasionally ICPs have commented that web forms can be slow to refresh or have trouble entering data in the free text box. Our website upgrade should improve this situation, however in the meantime try using an alternative web browser e.g. Google Chrome, which according to feedback improves the response time and functionality. Please let us know if you have ongoing issues: vicniss@mh.org.au

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National Hand Hygiene Initiative Update

Liz Orr is the new Victorian Hand Hygiene Coordinator. Liz can be contacted for any hand hygiene enquiries by phone: 93429356 or email: elizabeth.orr@mh.org.au

Increased Hand Hygiene Compliance Target for Victoria

Hand hygiene compliance will increase incrementally to a new state-wide target of 80%:

• NHHI Audit One 2015 (reported in Q3) the target is 77%
• NHHI Audit Two 2015 (reported in Q4) the target is 80%

Gold Standard Auditor Workshop in May

There is a Gold Standard Hand Hygiene Auditor Workshop on 4th and 5th May 2015 held at VICNISS The Doherty Institute, 792 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000.

If you wish to attend this workshop please go to the Hand Hygiene Australia website and select "Workshop online booking form" from the workshop tab on the home page and complete the details selecting the 4th 5th May.

EOI- Update from a general auditor to a Gold Standard auditor workshop

If you know any general auditors who might be interested in becoming a gold standard auditor, a ½ day workshop can be arranged to upgrade auditors to become Gold Standard auditors. Gold standard auditors can train others how to audit, so if this interests you please email Elizabeth.Orr@mh.org.au If you would like to host this workshop in your hospital (metropolitan preferably), please email Liz Orr on Elizabeth.Orr@mh.org.au. Date to be arranged and advertised accordingly.

Auditing Tip

HH Moment 5 after touching patient surroundings

• This is a stand-alone moment and can only be recorded if the patient was not touched
• If the patient were touched it would be recorded as M1 and M4
• The HCW can touch anything in the patient zone and would only be recorded as one M5

HHCApp Mobile

If there is any issue with logging on to the HHCApp using a mobile device but you can login to the HHCApp on the computer, try these steps. First clear the cookies and history in the internet settings on the mobile device and remove any shortcuts to the HHCApp you have created. Retry loading hhcapp.hha.org.au/mobile If this still does not let you login (and it is not a password issue), try using another internet browser like google chrome.


Following feedback, new ward types have been added to HHCApp (Acute Aged Care, Long-term Care, Palliative, Peri-operative and Radiology). Definitions for Mixed and Surgical have also been revised.

Save the date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 1000-1545hrs

You are invited to attend the Hand Hygiene in Victoria – Innovation Forum
Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, Level 4, Austin Hospital, 145 Studley Rd. Heidelberg, VIC

Key themes:

• The patient's perspective on hand hygiene in Victorian hospitals
• Current status of hand hygiene in Victoria and nationally
• Update from Hand Hygiene Australia ('Toolkit' project, new flexible reporting tool and updated learning management system for OLP's)
• Overcoming obstacles and innovative ideas for improving hand hygiene performance
• Open forum for discussion and an opportunity to contribute ideas for future initiatives and sustained hand hygiene improvement

Health Services are invited to submit successful local innovations they have implemented that have made a difference to hand hygiene compliance in their hospitals. Those with the best initiatives will be invited to present at the forum (5 minutes only).

Morning tea and lunch will be provided. Travel and parking costs are at your own expense.

For the latest information on the forum please go to the following link: http://www.hha.org.au/hand-hygiene-in-victoria-innovation-forum.aspx

Numbers are limited so to secure your place, submit your local innovation or for further information please email Jennifer Bradford at jenny.bradford@austin.org.au or phone 9496 6707

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HCW Influenza Vaccination

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) have released the details regarding the 2015 HCW influenza vaccination program. The information sheet is available on the VICNISS website ( www.vicniss.org.au ). The vaccine is due to be available late April. Please see below for details on accessing promotional material via GSK, reporting data and the VICNISS reporting tool.

Promotional Material

• The Flu Movie: www.theflumovie.com.au
• Promotional Material Request Form: www.gsk.com.au/savicflu
Please note:

o An estimated number of Fluarix vaccine doses is required in order to calculate the lollipops to be ordered. The 2014 number given can be used if the 2015 number cannot be estimated.
o Materials can be reordered throughout the campaign.
o Delivery time is up to 5 days depending on the location.
o For further information on promotional material you can contact: Lynn Hughes (Lynn.X.Hughes@gsk.com, 0409 131 547)


Please see the VICNISS website ( www.vicniss.org.au ) for the 2015 HCW influenza vaccination data collection protocol and data collection form. Data are to be submitted on a webform which will be available by the start of the influenza vaccination program. Due to the delay in vaccine availability the data submission date has been extended to Friday 4th September.

VICNISS Reporting tool

VICNISS have developed a 'HCW influenza vaccination uptake and resource reporting tool' which allows hospitals/health services to estimate their 2015 HCW influenza vaccination uptake. The tool can be used to generate reports locally and VICNISS will produce aggregate reports during the campaign in order to compare hospitals/health services to the state average. If you are interested in participating please contact Sandra Johnson (sandra.johnson@mh.org.au).

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Type 1 Surveillance Update

Venous Catheter (PVC) Module & Report

Type 1 hospitals can now participate in the PVC Use Monitoring surveillance module. This module includes process measures from insertion to removal and outcomes including infections. Reports for participating hospitals will be available via the user portal.

Data Submission

For those hospitals not using webforms or SHIINe to submit VICNISS data please ensure the most recent data collection form is used and all data fields are included. VICNISS data collection forms and istructions for completion of the forms can be found in the VICNISS Manual.

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Type 2 Surveillance Update

Alex Hoskins is working 3 days each week as the Type 2 Hospital contact whilst Noleen Bennett is seconded to work on the NAPs project. Alex can be contacted by: Alex.Hoskins@mh.org.au or on 03 9342 9354.

Measles and Hepatitis B vaccination modules

A review of the health care worker immunisation surveillance modules – hepatitis B and measles – is underway. The aim is that the format be consistent with other VICNISS surveillance modules. Both modules will be available as web based modules.

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Infection Control Literature Review, March 2015

Our most recent literature review, for March, compiled by Dr Leon Worth, ID Physician, discusses current research on the following selected topics:

• Bloodstream infections associated with mucosal barrier injury in haematology, oncology and stem cell transplant patients
• Prevention of MRSA bloodstream infections: European experience

Department of 
Health, Victoria

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