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Team Highlight: Flagler College 

Flagler University

Congratulations to Flagler College! They were honored with third place at the 2016 United States National Exposition. During their presentation they highlighted great projects incorporating the human element throughout their projects: 

Jump Inc. is a business incubator that fosters the development of small businesses and provides economic opportunity for the local community of West Augustine Florida. It provides weekly classes, training, and mentoring with business professionals.

Crop (College Reach Out Program) focuses on the reduction of high school dropouts in their local Florida communities. Flagler Enactus partnered with this organization to ensure its longevity by providing funding through grants and support by helping to create a curriculum for the program.

Dominican Waves is a triple bottom line soap business and hygiene education program to help break the cycle of hardship in San Marcos, Dominican Republic for at-risk youth by empowering them to improve the human condition through education, skills and employment for the local population.

To learn more about Flagler and their projects Click here.


Staying Engaged Over the Summer

Career Corner

Are you struggling to keep your team engaged over the summer? Read the tips below to ensure that everyone is on the same page!

1.       Create a Google Doc-consider creating this document and give access to team members to ask questions, post new ideas, and stay up to date on how projects are moving forward.

2.       Brainstorm new project ideas-use the time over the summer to have team members brainstorm new project ideas. Then, you can even share your initial thoughts on your Google Doc!

3.       Plan Ahead-know a few things that will need to happen quickly once the Fall semester gets here? Use this time to start planning and creating timelines for accomplishing those things.


World Cup Invitation

World Cup 2016

Take advantage of a great opportunity – attend the 2016 Enactus World Cup in Toronto, Canada.  The event dates are September 28-30 2016.  35 teams will compete for a chance to be named World Champion! 

If you’re interested in attending, all attendees must be registered through US Programs.  Send the following information to Michelle Nevels at

  • Name
  • Constituent type (faculty, student, guest)
  • Institution name
  • Email address
  • If a guest, please include a title and prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr., Professor, etc.) 
    (All students that attend should be registered on the Enactus website) 

To review event logistics, please Click here.

Show your support for the La Sierra University Team as they compete for the World Champion ranking. We hope to see you in Toronto! 

Enactus US Programs Department


Project Funding Opportunites

Project Funding

Project grant and award opportunities will be announced beginning in August. Watch your email and for more details!


Career Corner 

Career Corner

Tips for a Successful Summer

Relax and enjoy some free time but don’t forget about your career development.  Check out the information below for ways to keep you inspired and successful during the summer months. 

Click here


Career Marketplace 

Career Marketplace

Did you know there are 92 positions posted (44 full time, 45 part time and 3 internships) on the Career Marketplace? Click here for a list of jobs posted and be sure to check the site often as jobs expire and new ones are added daily.

How to Apply:

1. Register/login at (You must be registered on and approved by faculty advisor before Career Marketplace account is approved.)

2. Once approved, you'll be sent an email from (check spam/junk folder) with login information.

3. Then, create profile (5 minutes), upload resume (seconds) and apply for an awesome career.