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The Delta Signal

Alpha Iota Alumni Newsletter         -              September 2015



I have never been so excited to press the "Send' button for a Delta Signal newsletter. There are so many incredible updates below, so I wanted to keep this introduction short. As the autumn semester has commenced, Alpha Iota has been busy with recruitment, our first few social events with PHA sororities Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Xi Delta, and the Pyramid is buzzing with a new group of residents.

Homecoming Weekend is 27 days away, and I want to draw your attention to the stellar line-up of events planned by Matt Deptola and Dan Kieffer. Information is at the end of this newsletter, having been previously sent out. Also included in this newsletter is a special spotlight on Nick Hampton, our first alumni brother since recolonization. This is a new feature I will be implementing with each newsletter.

I hope this next month is productive and full of anticipation for what's ahead. Please enjoy the third installment of The Delta Signal.

Fraternally yours,

Dylan MacDowell


Introducing the New Member Class


It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce that last night Alpha Iota pinned 18 members into our fraternity. These past three weeks have again shown me why I am proud to call myself a brother of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. Due to the groundwork you all laid, we truly had momentum entering this school year’s recruitment cycle.

We began using revolutionary new recruitment software, Chapterbuilder, which was created by a Delta Sig from our chapter at Missouri Science and Technology. Chapterbuilder allowed our active brothers to be engaged in recruitment like never before. This proved true as our men took that momentum and ran with it beginning with the Student Involvement Fair, where we collected over 150 uniquely new names. Our recruitment cycle culminated with an invite only Columbus Clippers baseball game in which I am proud to say every potential new member in attendance decided to accept their bid.

We have new members hailing from New York to San Francisco, from transfer students to a legacy. I believe this class truly embodies what it means to be a Delta Sig. I can speak for the new class, my recruitment team, the executive board, and the entire Chapter when I say we will continue the amazing work that you men have started. I would urge you all to be in attendance at our Homecoming Alumni events and take the opportunity to meet the new brothers. Thank you, gentleman, for all the support you provide to our chapter.



Isaac Caverly

Vice President for Recruitment 


State of Alpha Iota

Alumni Brothers,

As the undergraduate brothers of Alpha Iota return to campus and start another semester of classes, we would like to look back on the past few months and see what our chapter has accomplished. I am incredibly proud of how much we are constantly improving, as a chapter and as individuals. Over the summer, several of our brothers had the chance to attend the National Convention where we received our second Pyramid of Excellence, the highest chapter distinction from the national organization of Delta Sigma Phi. The national organization determines these chapters through the grading of accreditation reports. I am pleased to announce that Alpha Iota was one of three chapters tied for first place with a perfect score of 100%. We also received honorable mention for the Robert R. Harris Recruitment Award which recognizes chapters who bring in better men than themselves into the fraternity.

Speaking of recruitment, our chapter recently welcomed eighteen new members into our ranks. This is the largest fall new member class since our re-chartering, and I am extremely proud of our recruitment team for bringing in such an amazing new member class. I believe that each of these new members will bring something great to our chapter, and I am proud to now call them my brothers. We now have 73 undergraduate brothers in the chapter which is the largest Alpha Iota has been for the fall semester.

Please save the date (10/10) for our homecoming event at the house.  We would love to have as many of our alumni come back to Ohio State to meet the undergraduates and connect with old friends. For more information regarding homecoming, contact our Alumni Relations Chairman, Dylan MacDowell at We hope to have a great turnout to celebrate a weekend of brotherhood and Ohio State football!


Adam Seal, Vice President      (330)247-8727





I recently accepted a position as a Marketing Coordinator & Videographer at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (MSK) in Los Angeles. This opportunity to secure my first promotion and to work for one of LA’s most prestigious entertainment law firms came to me unexpectedly, and I am beyond thankful it did. My first day on the job was July 20th, and I’m thrilled to be moving to LA this month for the position.

Back in June, my supervisor at my first job (“M&R”), Jessica, told me she was leaving our firm. A thorough synopsis of her new role at MSK ensued, and just when I was beginning to question why I was given such a lengthy description, she concluded with, “I want you to come with me.”

Jessica went on to say how floored she was by the level of determination and diligence I put into my work at M&R, and she couldn’t imagine moving forward without us making that move together.

I have no doubt that my experience in Delta Sigma Phi provided me with the professionalism that ultimately brought me this promotion and this life change. Just as Jessica and I make a great team, so do the brothers of Alpha Iota every day in becoming better men and better leaders. The Gordian Knot reminds us that success “depends upon the merit of the individual members and their ability to function with others.” It’s a nice reminder that even in the advancement of one’s career, the consideration of others is a factor that can accelerate success. Considerations like this one are the small steps toward building a future. It’s ironic in a way, but the best advice is never the typical advice. I promise you: the small steps matter, and they do add up.


Nicholas Hampton



   Homecoming Reunion October 9-10 

As you know, HOMECOMING is quickly approaching. For the full schedule of events for the weekend, as well as information about how to RSVP, the link is below. With any questions:

Graduates of 2013 and 2014: Matt Deptola ( or (330) 998-3798 & Dan Kieffer ( or (937) 213-0044

Graduates of 2015: Cody Nagel ( or (317) 800-1376.




We are exactly one month away from our second annual Homecoming Reunion at the Pyramid. We are counting down the days until you all, the brothers who made all of this possible, can return to see our growth and continual achievements.