How do you manage content?
Over the years, I’ve used a few different content management systems to power my websites. I’ve gone from plain, FTP’d HTML to WordPress, Statamic, and back again. Right now, I use Cactus to power everything. I can write in markdown and Cactus spits out nothing but HTML and CSS, which I FTP to my server. The site is fast, but updating it is… less than ideal.
So, I find myself researching my options, looking for a better system that will last longer than my current one-year CMS/redesign cycle.
What are you using to manage your websites? What do you love about your CMS? What do you hate?
I’m open to suggestions →
A Call to Arms
I revisit this one from Jeffrey Zeldman whenever I start asking myself questions about my presence on the web. Great way to get amped up about owning your personal site, devoting some time to content, and making it your own–despite what others may think.
Refuse to die →
Other Awesome Stuff
Goodbye Cowboy Coding
Erick Arbé ditches WordPress for Statamic and shares some compelling reasons why. I especially like his thoughts on building content out.
Hello Statamic →
The Year of the Flat-File CMS
Another one that aims to take WordPress down a notch. There are some good arguments and a few interesting suggestions for a flat-file CMS–but did 2014 live up to the hype?
Security, speed, etc. →
Will flat-file dethrone WordPress? Unlikely.
A different take on the debate. Articles like this keep me pumped up about WordPress (despite not currently using it).
WordPress is a tool for everyone →
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