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Ageism - Is It Just About Our Age?

When applying for a job, (or working in a job) everyone wants a fair chance to be hired and to progress.

But, decisions are often made for reasons not strictly based on merit. 

However, when we experience impartiality, is it purely our 'age' that explains the unfair treatment we have experienced?

What's Behind Age Discrimination

Understanding that very often the cause of age-related discrimination is about the amount (and type) of experience you have illustrates that young people are discriminated against too! Too little experience - 'young-age' discrimination). 

The truth is, given the right context, most people will discriminate and be discriminated against so, a few potential steps to counter this discrimination:

- Do your homework-Understand the culture and specific needs for hiring organisations you apply to (If possible)   

- Take steps to actively compensate for these biases     

- Where discrimination occurs, be prepared to challenge bias.

Finally, have a look at some linked articles attached. 

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