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Welcome to the February 2015 edition of Redfern Legal, bringing you legal updates and developments from our key practice areas and news of the work of Redfern Legal Centre (RLC).

Please note - cases cited in legal updates are not always RLC matters.

Legal Updates

Discrimination and Human Rights

Disability discrimination in employment

Figures released in January, regarding the number of people with a disability working for the Australian Public Service (APS), shone a spotlight on rates of inclusion of people with disability in employment. People with a disability working for the APS fell to just 3% in 2014, from 5% in 1999.


Freedom of speech, right?

Employees should be wary of potential recriminations for after-hours social media misconduct, warned Kathryn Dent, an employment and industrial law specialist, in a recent interview with Australasian Lawyer. Whether employees enjoy a right to privacy on social media outside of work hours is an issue of rising concern.

Housing and Tenancy

In the shadows of the Residential Tenancies Act

Not all renters are treated equally under NSW tenancy laws. There are many tenants in fairly conventional renting situations who would be surprised to learn that NSW state tenancy laws don’t apply to them.

Redfern Legal Centre and Marrickville Legal Centre's film on Inner Sydney tenants' views on social housing in NSW

RLC and Marrickville Legal Centre's response to the 2015 Social Housing Discussion Paper put out by The NSW Department of Family & Community Services, featuring the stories and opinions of Inner Sydney social housing tenants.

Domestic Violence

Do Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders work?

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph claimed that Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) failed to protect victims and that almost half of all ADVOs made in NSW are breached. The article called for ‘a war on domestic violence’ and ‘more solid’ policing and substantial jail terms for breaching the terms of an ADVO.

International Students

International student workplace exploitation widespread

Recent media coverage has exposed international student exploitation in the workplace, particularly in casual jobs in the hospitality and cleaning industries.

#IWishIKnew: International Students' Service releases new film!

We’ve made a new film to highlight the legal problems many international students face when studying in Australia.

Credit, Debt and Consumer Complaints

VET providers exploiting vulnerable consumers

Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers are targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged people with unscrupulous marketing practices by enrolling students into courses they cannot possibly complete or afford.

Police and Government Accountability

RLC Police Powers Clinic­

The RLC Police Powers Clinic is an educational program run in conjunction with the University of New South Wales. UNSW students spend one day a week at RLC over a semester, putting their legal knowledge into practice working on police issues.

RLC News

RLC in the Media

21 February 2015 'Legal Walls': RLC Radio Documentary

1 February 2015 10 Laws that need to change in 2015 - Consorting and organised crime

20 January 2015 Approach to domestic violence still lacks coordination: experts

17 January 2015 International students forced to work for just $8 an hour

12 January 2015 Millers Point: Australia's oldest Catholic church under threat, worshippers say

RLC Publications


20 February 2015 In response to the Department of Family and Community Services Discussion Paper on Social Housing in NSW

13 February 2015 Senate inquiry into the operation, regulation and funding of private vocational education and training (VET) providers in Australia

Media Releases

12 February 2015 Redfern Legal Centre’s International Student Service given a lifeline by StudyNSW

RLC Community Legal Education

Training workshops for NSW community workers

Bookings are flowing in fast for RLC's 2015 training calendar for community workers. Our workshops aim to give community workers some extra tools to assist their clients avoid, or deal with, legal problems.

Most topics will be presented as online workshops (webinars). Workers can take part anywhere with good broadband, on their computer, their tablet or even their smartphone. Several popular topics will also be presented as traditional face-to-face workshops at the wheelchair-accessible Redfern Town Hall.

All details are in the Community Worker section of our website. For regular updates on our community worker education activities, you can subscribe to our Community Worker Alerts – using the form on the right hand side of the community worker pages.

RLC Events and Projects

RLC will increase support to local families as new Care Partner

In response to recent reforms to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act, RLC has received funding to become a Care Partner. The reform package is called “Safe Home for Life” and has as the underlying principle the permanent placement of children.

Millers Point Tenants’ Service

City of Sydney is supporting Redfern Legal Centre to establish the Millers Point Tenants’ Service. Tenant advocates provide assistance to the tenants of Millers Point impacted upon by the decision to relocate residents from the area. You can reach an advocate on 0478 192 450 or see an advocate by appointment during the advice sessions held on:

• Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Harry Jensen Community Centre; and
• Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm at the Phillip Room in the Sirius Building.


More Bang for your Bond Campaign

More than $1 billion dollars of renters bonds is held by the NSW Rental Bond Board, generating nearly $60 million in interest each year. The Tenants' Union of NSW is campaigning to have more of the interest spent benefitting tenants.

You can visit to work out exactly where the interest on your bond is going and to join the campaign to increase returns to tenants and funding to tenants' services.

The Law and You: Legal Information DVD for African Communities in NSW

'The Law and You: Legal Information DVD for African Communities in NSW' is a state government initiative to make legal information more accessible for African communities in NSW. The free DVD is available in English, Amharic, Arabic, Dinka, Juba Arabic, Kiswahili, Krio and Somali.

The DVD covers a variety of topics and provides information on: The Justice System, Local Court, Domestic Violence and AVO, Racism and Discrimination, Victims Services and Debt and Money Issues. The DVD can be ordered online or over the phone.

More information and ordering details.

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