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City Takes Charge in Relocation of Battery Tech Enterprise

Sila Nanotechnologies Logo

Alameda is pleased to announce that Atlanta, Georgia-based Sila Nanotechnologies is relocating to Alameda.  The high-tech research and development company plans to move into its 31,000 square foot office and lab space at 2450 Mariner Square Loop near Alameda Landing and Marina Village Business Park by the end of October.  Construction of tenant improvements is currently underway. The City’s Economic Development, Planning, and Building Divisions have been working closely with Sila on its relocation since it identified Alameda as one of several locations being considered in May.
Sila develops and manufactures advanced composite materials used in lithium-ion batteries to increase their lifespan and reduce battery costs. The patented technology can be used in consumer products like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  The technology can also be applied to electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and even locomotives and cargo ships. The company is backed by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firms, Sutter Hill Ventures and Matrix Partners, as well as $3 million in U.S. Department of Energy grants.
Sila was founded in 2011, by a pair of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and battery engineers from Tesla Motors, along with a professor of materials science from Georgia Tech, and began operations in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sila currently employs 20 full-time scientists, engineers, and technicians.
"We were on a very short move-in time line.  The City of Alameda has helped us at every step along the way to expedite the permitting process,” said Gene Berdichevsky, Sila’s CEO.  “That was one of the major factors in helping us decide where to locate. City staff followed through on everything they promised, in many cases even faster than initially quoted."
As with all new business opportunities, the City was committed to providing Sila a ‘full-service’ approach to granting the necessary approvals as quickly as possible by rapidly identifying and following a streamlined path for site selection, land use entitlements, and building permits.  The City’s Economic Development Division acted as Sila’s single point of contact throughout the process, and worked closely with other City departments to ensure the fastest possible relocation services were provided.  Alameda is also working with Sila to assist its relocating employees with housing options and other services to ensure a smooth transition to the Bay Area.

Imprint Energy on the Visitation Circuit

Imprint Energy Logo

In September, Economic Development Manager Darrell Doan and Development Manager Eric Fonstein visited Imprint Energy.  Imprint is an early-stage battery technology R&D company located at the Harbor Bay Business Park.  Founded in 2010, in June 2014, Imprint secured $6 million of Series A venture capital to help it develop thin, flexible, reachargeable, and printable battery technology focused on small portable electronics such as wearables, medical devices, and the Internet of Things for future commercial applications. The battery technology can be printed onto thin and flexible substrates such as foils, plastics, and even fabrics, that can literally be worn like clothing. Imprint Energy's technology originated from Dr. Christine Ho's Ph.D. research at UC Berkeley. She now serves as Imprint Energy's Co-Founder and CTO. When Imprint Energy was ready to transition from UC Berkeley's campus to its own facility, Imprint Energy chose Alameda as its headquarters. Imprint was drawn to Alameda due to its superior Bay Area location, lower lease rates, availability of built-out R&D lab space, ease of access, and great local restaurants and amenities. Imprint operates with nine employees in 3,100 SF.

Community Meets Developer Semi-Finalists

City Holds Open House for Alameda Point  Developer Semi-Finalists

On September 2 and Spetember 16, 2014, the Alameda City Council approved four semi-finalist developer teams for two sites on a combined 150-acre portion of Alameda’s former Naval Air Station. Vying for the development of Site A –68-acres designated for mixed-use- are Brookfield Residential and Alameda Point Partners. Semi-finalists for Site B –82 acres designated for commercial use- are Catellus and Mission Bay Development Group. The City held a developer open house on September 29, to give the community an opportunity to meet the potential developers, learn about their past experience and projects, and to ask about their visions for the future of Alameda Point. The open house saw a large community turnout, with City staff also present to discuss the development. For updates on this, and other Alameda Point happenings, like Alameda Point on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

Leasing Activity Strong at Alameda Point

Alameda Point Aerial

Alameda Point is seeing strong leasing activity, with businesses extending their leases. Take a look at the interesting and innovative companies that have renewed their commitment to Alameda:

Natel Energy, Inc. signed a new three-year lease. Natel Energy is focused on the use of water to produce renewable energy via low head hydropower systems which reduce environmental disruption. Natel is a pioneer green energy company at Alameda Point and is expanding to building 400A.

Walashek Industrial and Marine extended its lease for an additional year. Headquartered in the state of Washington, and operating in six additional states, Walashek Industrial and Marine is in building 517. Walashek provides a full range of ship repair and commercial construction services and is the largest provider of services to marine propulsion boilers in the U.S.

Pacific Fine Food Catering, Inc. extended its lease for an additional eight years. This full-service catering company is a longtime tenant, operating at Alameda Point since 1999, and will continue to occupy building 42. Pacific Fine Food offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks, using only seasonal local produce in its ingredients. 

Kai Concepts, LLC extended its lease by one year. Kai Concepts will remain in a portion of building 168, where it will continue to operate the Kiteboat Project, in which a team of marine architects, sailors, and software developers are building and testing kites for large-scale propulsion in waterborne transportation.

Finally, Delphi Productions, Inc. added one year to its lease. Delphi Productions (also called Group Delphi) has been located in building 117 since 2011, and employs a workforce that is 115 strong. Delphi uses its theatrical background to produce trade show exhibits, corporate events, retail installations, and museum fabrications that help companies market their brands and engage their customers.

If you are interested in leasing space at Alameda Point, contact Cushman & Wakefield at (510) 891-5817. 

Planning Board Moves Del Monte Project Forward

Del Monte Building

On September 22, 2014, the Alameda Planning Board approved plans for reuse of the historic 1927 Del Monte Warehouse building (one of only 25 designated Historic Monuments in Alameda), located at 1501 Buena Vista Avenue. Consistent with the General Plan and the City's newly adopted Housing Element, the development will preserve the historic building and provide up to 414 residential units, including 55 affordable housing units, as well as up to 30,000 SF of retail/commercial space.

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