Febraury 24, 2021

We promote the end to lateral violence in the name of peace, productivity and prosperity

In This Issue:

Practice Lateral Kindness on Pink Shirt Day (and everyday!)

Lateral Kindness is an approach to address lateral violence based on Indigenous values that promote social harmony and healthy relationships.

Practicing Lateral Kindness can be a powerful tool in decolonization and is part of our collective healing as Indigenous peoples

This Pink Shirt Day, our focus is on working together and treating others with dignity and respect. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all and shown the importance of helping one another and advocating for those who need it. Help us “lift each other up” and support programs that encourage healthy self esteem and teach empathy, compassion and kindness.

Share your Pink Shirt Day photos online using the hashtag #LateralKindness

Wellness Wednesdays Webinar Series

The First Nations Health Directors Association is pleased to welcome the FNHA Funding Arrangement Advisors to our next Wellness Wednesday Webinar on February 24th!

Health Directors have an important role in the management and administration of health services delivery in communities, and this includes administering the community Health Funding Agreement provided by the First Nations Health Authority. The FNHA Funding Arrangement Advisors support our joint reporting, planning and partnership in the spirit of reciprocal accountability as we move forward on this journey with one heart and one mind.

The Funding Arrangement Advisors will be joining us to share information about their role, provide a brief overview of health funding agreements including the different types of health funding agreement models. This will be the first of three sessions focused on FNHA Funding Arrangements

Date: Wednesday February 24, 2021

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm (PST)

Webinar - ZOOM link:


Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

By Phone: 1-778-907-2071 or 1-855-703-8985 (Toll Free)

Webinar ID: 667 3982 7570

We hope you will join us for these exciting upcoming Wellness Wednesday Webinar opportunities:

March 10: Danielle Searancke will be presenting on ‘Personal Power and Energetic Sovereignty’

March 24: AFOABC presents Strategic Planning for Health Directors

April 7: FNHA Funding Arrangements webinar #2 - Funding Criteria and Budgeting

April 21: FNHA Funding Arrangements webinar #3 - Terms & Conditions

Head to Heart - Journey to Wellness

Be a Source of Strength for Someone

Support is really a two-way street, and showing empathy is a reciprocal process. Often, we wonder where our support networks are when we're down, but haven't taken the time to create those networks around ourselves. Be there for someone else, and you'll find that they'll be there for you!


Honouring the Land Get in tune with nature. Spending time outdoors each day is a proven remedy to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and boost your immunity.

Powering Down Recharge your mind and soul for the upcoming day ahead by turning devices off, and pursuing human-powered activities.

Weaving Network of Support Connect with your professional peers, family and friends to seek and offer support, and stay well and balanced together.

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