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Welcome to Alameda Point

Located in the heart of the Bay Area, the former Naval Air Station at Alameda Point is in transition. Creative reuse of military buildings and plans for new development are in progress. Offering panoramic views of the San Francisco skyline, Alameda Point is home to numerous businesses, historic buildings, and unique shoreline and open spaces, right on the Bay.

Conveyance Ceremony

On June 24, the City hosted a long-awaited conveyance ceremony at Alameda Point to commemorate the acquisition of over 1,300 acres of the former Naval Air Station. A number of dignitaries, including Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Roger Natsuhara, and Mayor Marie Gilmore were in attendance, along with residents and City staff. The development of Alameda Point includes plans for retail, research and development and maritime industries, as well as 1,425 new housing units. An Environmental Impact Report, zoning amendment, master infrastructure plan, and town center plan are underway, slated for completion in early 2014.

Google Buys Makani Power

Alameda Point’s Makani Power was recently acquired by Google X, the research division of the software giant. Founded by kite surfing physicists, Makani does cutting edge research on airborne wind turbines that will harness wind power at a fraction of the cost of coal-fired power. Throughout the past year, the company has been featured in National Geographic, Discover Magazine, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, and on CNBC. Makani has been located at Alameda Point since 2006, when the founders received an initial capital investment from Google and the U.S. Department of Energy.

St George’s Wins Food Awards

A pioneer in the craft distillery movement, St George’s Spirits occupies a 65,000 square foot airplane hangar at the western edge of Alameda Point, in an area that has also attracted artisan wineries and micro-breweries. The distillery offers daily tours and tastings, and stunning views of San Francisco and the bay. St George’s Spirits continues to win awards for its business and products, receiving the food prize in the East Bay EDA Innovation Awards, and two Good Food Awards, all in 2013.

Natel Energy Brings Low Impact Hydro Power

Natel Energy is located, with Makani Power, in the former control tower at Alameda Point. Founded by MIT alumni, Natel Energy, Inc. is launching a new hydropower product which enables low impact, cost-effective energy production from existing dams, irrigation canals, and other low-head hydropower resources. Both Natel and Makani are prime examples of the innovative, green technology businesses that have taken advantage of the unparalleled opportunities of Alameda Point.