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2020 - Job Security and Success

In a perfect world you enjoy most of your working day but an October 2019 Gallop Poll suggests 60% of employees don't! 

There's no rocket science in saying, if you like your job you put more in to it and show up therefore, more enthusiastic if not more effective than your peers.

The good news for strategic planners, whose job satisfaction in large part derives from having a decent problem to solve, is that brands have never been more challenged. I believe 2020 offers great opportunity that said, the uncertainty pervading the advertising industry is palpable and good planners still lose jobs. Why? Many reasons notably, an underappreciation of the value of strategy combined with factors that effect every employee, a P&L run month to month and oriented around winning (and losing) business.

What to do to enhance your job security and more positive, to enhance your value and career opportunity:

1. Business Mindset - Be aware how and where your agency makes money even if it's not your job to do so.

2. Follow the money - Keep close (if you can) to the money/valuable clients.

3. Generate revenue - Help make existing clients more valuable or be involved in getting new clients.

4. Leadership direction - Keep close to the pulse of the agency and what's perceived as key now and going forward.

5. Team Player - Work closely with and in the development of others.

Finally, have a sense as to what the market and clients consider as key core (hard and soft) skills in the year ahead.




















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