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Number 396 14 February 2020



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This month we feature the latest updates on arts, culture and the climate crisis, which is likely to be a recurring theme as the international community confronts the increasingly urgent issue.

At an international level, in late January the World Economic Forum held its annual meeting under the theme Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World, which seems to have heightened international focus on climate change. During the meeting, the WEF released its special report Shaping a Multiconceptual World 2020, which includes a chapter – ‘Culture, Identity and the Evolution of Geopolitics’ - that highlights the need to both respect cultural diversity and build a collective identity that will allow the international community to face global challenges such as climate change. While in the last week, the United Nations held its 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, which included discussion on the link between cultural and natural heritage, and the role the two can play in tackling climate change; and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) launched its new portal, Heritage on the Edge, which tracks the impact of climate change on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Governments, national agencies for arts and culture and their partners have also demonstrated leadership on the climate crisis in the last month. The Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO co-hosted a roundtable discussion that explored culture in the 2030 Agenda, including the link between culture and sustainability; culture as an asset for sustainable development in the context of global challenges; and how culture can be represented in sustainable development plans. In the same week, the Canada Council committed to collaborate with the sector to define tangible measures that it can implement to work toward its vision of environmental justice that integrates the arts and culture. In Mexico, representatives from across federal and state government, science and academic institutions convened with a view to work across sectors to bring about cultural and educational change required to respond effectively to climate change. Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle released their latest collaborative report Sustaining Great Art and Culture 2018/19, which celebrates the successes of cultural organisations in acting on national and international climate targets. While Creative New Zealand has announced a new artist residency in Fiji – in partnership with the University of the South Pacific – which focusses on climate change in Oceania.

The climate crisis and how arts and culture sectors worldwide – including the government institutions that support them – can effect positive change is a priority for the Federation. We will continue to share updates and highlight best practices where we find them; and we warmly welcome your suggestions for news and case studies that you think would benefit our international community.

As always, if you have news, publications or updates that you would like us to share, please contact us at news@ifacca.org

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National Agency News


Appointment of UNESCO 2005 Convention National Team Members

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, 5 February 2020, Zimbabwe

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has announced the constitution of a national team comprising of various players in the Arts and Culture sector to produce the Quadrennial Periodic Report (QPR) as mandated by the United Nations Education Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Cultural and creative industries are central to UNESCO's convention

Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia, 10 February 2020, Colombia

The Deputy Minister of Creativity and the Orange Economy, Felipe Buitrago, will participate on behalf of Colombia in the 13th Session of the Committee of the UNESCO International Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, adopted in 2005 and recognised as a milestone in international cultural policy.

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian Institute have concluded a cooperation agreement

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, 28 January 2020, Ukraine

Ukrainian Culture Foundation signed a cooperation agreement in order to develop cultural diversity and integrate Ukrainian culture into the world, present contemporary Ukrainian culture and scientific innovations, promote the implementation of state policy in the fields of culture and the arts, as well as cultural diplomacy of Ukraine...

Director of the International Cooperation Department Nguyen Phuong Hoa: Promote the national image so that the spirit and will of Viet Nam spreads strong!

Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Viet Nam, 28 January 2020, Viet Nam

Closing a successful year in the field of foreign culture of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST), we had a meeting with the Director of the Department of International Cooperation Nguyen Phuong Hoa on the victories of 2019 and the focus of 2020.

National Endowment for the Arts Releases Latest Survey of Public Participation in the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts, 22 January 2020, USA

The National Endowment for the Arts today released the full results from the nation’s largest, most representative survey of adult participation in the arts. The new Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) records the different ways that American adults (age 18 and older) engage in the arts, where that engagement takes place, and why adults participate in these activities.

Wales Arts International’s Response to the launch of an International Strategy for Wales

Cygnor Celfyddydau Cymru - Arts Council of Wales, 17 January 2020, Wales

Wales Arts International, the international agency of the Arts Council of Wales welcomes the publication of the Welsh Government’s international strategy. We take pride in the ambitions of Wales to be a globally responsible nation that is pioneering a wellbeing economy and culture through the Future Generations Act. The Act is a brave initiative which is of growing interest internationally.


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International News


Parasite's best picture Oscar could kickstart a new era of internationalism

The Guardian, 10 February 2020, United Kingdom

Something just bust out of the basement. Parasite’s stunning best picture Oscar win – the very first for a film wholly not in the English tongue – has finally cracked wide open the ghetto of “foreign-language” cinema, that most patronising and LA-centric of designations.

Saudi Cabinet launches 11 new cultural development authorities for Kingdom

Arab News, 4 February 2020, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is to set up 11 new cultural authorities to drive the development of sectors such as films, fashion, music, heritage and the arts.

Rijeka inaugurated as 2020 European Capital of Culture

Croatia Week, 2 February 2020, Croatia

European Commission Vice-President for Demography and Democracy Dubravka Suica on Saturday presented Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel at the opening ceremony with a European Capital of Culture plaque and a plaque for the Melina Mercouri Prize, awarded by the EU for the excellent preparation of the programme.

Tunisia launches the First Internet Universality Indicators Assessment in the Arab Region

UNESCO, 30 January 2020, Tunisia

On 15 January 2020, the Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs) assessment was officially launched in Tunisia, breaking ground by making Tunisia the first country in the Arab region to initiate this assessment at national level. The launch was convened on the occasion of the first meeting of Tunisian Multi-stakeholder Advisory Board (MAB), participated by 11 prominent members of the Board.

More Singaporeans supported arts and cultural events in 2018

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore, 23 January 2020, Singapore

Attendance at arts and cultural events hit a record high, according to the 2019 Singapore Cultural Statistics.

African Export-Import Bank to commit US$500 million to creative industries

News Ghana, 18 January 2020, Ghana

The Afreximbank announced the decision at the opening of Creative Africa Exchange, a two-day event co-organized by Times Multimedia, the Afreximbank and the Rwandan government. “Creative industries can be potent vehicles for more equitable, sustainable and inclusive growth strategies for African economies,” said Afreximbank’s president Benedict Oramah.

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Paying The Artist

Arts Council of Ireland - An Chomhairle Ealaíon, 11 February 2020, Ireland

An Arts Council Policy on the fair and equitable remuneration and contracting of artists Through its strategy, Making Great Art Work, the Arts Council is committed to improving artists living and working conditions.

Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals: AFRICA | Third edition

On the Move, 29 January 2020, International

The third edition of the Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals - AFRICA is now online thanks to the research of Art Moves Africa, the support of the Institut français and the coordination of On the Move.

Our strategy 2020-2030

Arts Council England, 27 January 2020, England

By 2030, we want England to be a country in which the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish, and where every one of us has access to a remarkable range of high-quality cultural experiences.

Arts and Culture Governance Report

Australia Council for the Arts, 24 January 2020, Australia

The Australia Council is pleased to partner with the Institute of Community Directors (ICDA) and Our Community to publish the Arts and Culture Governance Spotlight Report. The report highlights the unique nature of our sector but also provides an effective comparison and benchmark with other not-for-profit companies and organisations.

Singapore Cultural Statistics 2019

National Arts Council of Singapore, 23 January 2020, Singapore

The Singapore Cultural Statistics 2019, published annually since 2008, provides an update on the state of the arts and cultural landscape in Singapore. The statistics reported in this publication include data on arts and cultural performances, heritage events and museum exhibitions.


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8th World Summit Report

8th World Summit Discussion Paper

Artists, Displacement and Belonging


Este mes recogemos las últimas novedades en las artes, la cultura y la crisis climática, tema que aparecerá reiteradamente a medida que la comunidad internacional se va enfrentando a este problema acuciante.

A nivel internacional, el Foro Económico Mundial celebró a finales de enero su reunión anual con el tema Actores para un mundo cohesionado y sostenible, que parece haber intensificado la atención internacional sobre el cambio climático. Durante la reunión, el Foro publicó su informe especial Conformando un mundo multiconceptual 2020. Este incluye un capítulo, el de “Cultura, identidad y la evolución de la geopolítica” que subraya la necesidad de respetar la diversidad cultural y construir a la vez una identidad colectiva que permita a la comunidad internacional afrontar desafíos globales como el cambio climático. La semana pasada, la Organización de Naciones Unidas celebró el 10º Foro Urbano Mundial en Abu Dhabi, que contó con un debate sobre la relación entre el patrimonio natural y el cultural, y el papel que ambos pueden desempeñar en la lucha contra el cambio climático. Asimismo, el Consejo Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios (ICOMOS) presentó su nuevo proyecto digital Patrimonio al Límite, que documenta el impacto del cambio climático en los Sitios Patrimonio de la Humanidad de la UNESCO. 

Tanto los gobiernos como las agencias públicas nacionales para las artes y la cultura y sus socios también han demostrado su liderazgo frente a la crisis climática en este mes pasado. El Consejo para las Artes de Canadá y la Comisión Canadiense para la UNESCO coorganizaron una mesa redonda que analizó la cultura en la Agenda 2030: la relación entre cultura y sostenibilidad, la cultura como un activo para el desarrollo sostenible en el contexto de los desafíos globales, y cómo la cultura puede estar representada en los planes de desarrollo sostenible. La misma semana, el Consejo de Canadá se comprometió a colaborar con el sector para definir medidas tangibles que pueda adoptar para trabajar hacia una visión de justicia medioambiental que integre las artes y la cultura. En México, representantes de los gobiernos federal y estaduales, instituciones científicas y académicas se reunieron con vistas a trabajar transversalmente para poner en marcha la transformación cultural y educativa necesaria para responder efectivamente al cambio climático. El Consejo de las Artes de Inglaterra y La Bicicleta de Julie publicaron su último informe colaborativo, Sosteniendo a las artes y cultura 2018/2019, que celebra el éxito de instituciones culturales en sus objetivos nacionales e internacionales respecto al clima. Mientras tanto, Creative New Zealand ha anunciado una nueva residencia creativa en Fiji, en colaboración con la Universidad del Pacífico Sur, que se centra en el cambio climático en Oceanía.

La crisis climática y el papel que pueden desempeñar los sectores culturales y artísticos de todo el mundo –incluidas las instituciones públicas que les prestan apoyo– en inducir cambios positivos es una prioridad para la Federación. Continuaremos compartiendo noticias y destacando buenas prácticas que encontremos y agradecemos de antemano sus sugerencias de noticias y casos de estudio que piense puedan ser útiles para nuestra comunidad internacional.

Como siempre, si tiene noticias, publicaciones o novedades que le gustaría que difundiésemos, por favor póngase en contacto con el Secretariado en news@ifacca.org



INAE rinde cuentas

Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Uruguay, 11 February 2020, Uruguay

Luego de cinco años de intenso trabajo INAE rinde cuentas sobre lo realizado en el período 2015-2019. Con la presencia de la ministra de Educación y Cultura, María Julia Muñoz se presentó el informe de gestión del período, destacando el proceso de internacionalización de las artes escénicas uruguayas a nuevos destinos y más artistas, un fenómeno en pleno crecimiento.

Avanza agenda estratégica de Canadá y Colombia en torno a la Economía Naranja

Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia, 4 February 2020, Colombia

Las industrias culturales y creativas fueron uno de los puntos centrales del 1er. Consejo Empresarial Bilateral y del IX Diálogo Canadá-Colombia, iniciativas que buscan promover un diálogo empresarial de alto nivel, así como inversión entre ambos países.

Gobierno de Panamá impulsa el desarrollo de las industrias creativas y culturales

ANPanamá, 3 February 2020, Panama

El gobierno de Panamá permitió la campaña “¡Súmate ya!” de impulso a las industrias creativas y culturales, que busca crear un registro de todos los participantes en estas actividades para que puedan acceder a los cursos y programas ofrecidos por el Ministerio de Cultura, que ya cuenta con 35 cupos para diplomados y emprendimientos.

El ICAA publica para audiencia pública la modificación del Real Decreto que desarrolla la Ley del Cine

Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, España, 30 January 2020, Spain

El Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales, que depende del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, ha publicado hoy en la página web del Ministerio para audiencia pública la modificación del Real Decreto 1084/2015, de 4 de diciembre, por el que se desarrolla la Ley 55/2007, de 28 de diciembre, del Cine.

Google lanza un proyecto sobre la amenaza climática en el patrimonio cultural

La Vanguardia, 29 January 2020, England

Google Arts and Culture presentó este miércoles en Londres un proyecto sobre los impactos que el cambio climático tiene sobre el patrimonio cultural y cómo los profesionales, junto a las comunidades locales, responden al desafío.

México y EU allanan el camino al T-MEC en propiedad intelectual

El Economista, 28 January 2020, Mexico

En vísperas de la entrada en vigor del Tratado entre México, Estados Unidos y Canadá (T-MEC), los gobiernos de México y Estados Unidos se blindaron contra el robo de la propiedad intelectual y contrabando que ejercen terceros países, a través de un acuerdo bilateral que signaron para aumentar las inversiones y estimular la innovación, cuya apuesta es hacer de América del Norte la región más competitiva del planeta.

La OEI y Naciones Unidas promoverán la educación de calidad, la ciencia y la cultura en República Dominicana

OEI - Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos, 17 January 2020, Spain

La Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (OEI) y el Sistema de las Naciones Unidas en República Dominicana han firmado un acuerdo para reforzar la colaboración entre ambas entidades y apoyar y promover el cumplimiento de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS).

Cine Nacional: el INAP inició sus actividades y apunta a fortalecer la industria cultural

Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, Presidencia de la República, Paraguay, 10 January 2020, Paraguay

Representantes del sector audiovisual y del sector público participaron de la reunión que dio apertura oficial al Consejo del Instituto Nacional del Audiovisual Paraguayo (INAP) y a la Junta de Calificaciones, en la sede de la Dirección Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual (Dinapi).


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