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The Abalone Council Australia Ltd and the China Cuisine Association have launched 'The Australian Wild Abalone® Innovative Cuisine Design Competition' this month!!

The competition, which will run from July to November this year, aims to:

  1. inspire the Chinese cuisine and catering industries to use Australian Wild Abalone® in unique and innovative ways,

  2. enhance young Chinese chefs’ culinary skills and knowledge of the qualities of Australian Wild Abalone®,

  3. showcase the versatility and taste of the Australian Wild Abalone® products, and

  4. engage talented chefs as Australian Wild Abalone® Ambassadors

Over 20 professional chefs groups have been contacted, covering all of China, and invited to submit their recipe ideas to a panel of cuisine experts.  The submissions will be assessed and ten of the best and most innovative dishes selected as finalists to enter into the next round. 


In November, the ten finalists from the preliminary competition will be invited to compete with each other in a cook-off! They will each need to produce two dishes in a live competition which will be assessed by a professional judging panel of famous gourmets. The winning chefs will be invited to a Gala dinner in Beijing to receive their awards. The Gold Medal winner, and the runners up will all be awarded with the title "Australian Wild Abalone® Ambassadors”!

The top three winning chefs will be invited to visit abalone producing states in Australia for a study tour and to experience where the product comes from, how it is harvested and processed.  They will also experience an exciting gourmet adventure. .

This competition is a core component of our Australian Wild Abalone ® promotional program in China for 2015/2016.  We have scheduled the competition to coincide with the anticipated commencement of the China FTA and as such we are hoping to attract some wide spread media attention in China and Australia.

China has a long history and tradition in the culinary arts.  Australia has a similar history and tradition in producing fine quality, safe, sustainable, nutritious and, even more important, tasty wild caught Abalone.  Together we can showcase those skills and knowledge and form a partnership that provides a fantastic platform to build our future market development activities and position Australian Wild Abalone® .as top of mind for chefs and consumers alike.

We encourage all exporters to spread the word about this exciting competition to their relevant customers and encourage them to enter.  We are producing flyers that can be put into your boxes and given to your importers and customers so that they too can help get the word out.

If you are an Australian Wild Abalone exporter please let us know how many flyers you will need.

Keep up to date with the latest competition action on our Australian Wild Abalone facebook page!

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