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Hi there, are you renovating this summer?

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What you can do
Follow these four tips to help make your home look good and feel good too.
Tip 1:  
Tip 1
To make your home feel as great as it looks, draw inspiration from our renovation recommendations.
Tip 2:  
Tip 2
Use the Green Building Council’s HomeFit® tool to assess the health of your home.
Tip 3:  
Tip 3
Is your insulation up to scratch? That’s the top priority for making your home inviting and comfortable. Learn more.
Tip 4:  
Tip 4
Summer is a great time to get bargains on heating appliances. Check out the pros and cons of various heating options here.
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Your home may qualify for HomeFit certification. An independent HomeFit professional will come to your home and assess how warm, dry and healthy it is.
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