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Australian Wild Abalone connects with the China digital audience!

"Dear all, 

Before the festive season commences we wanted to get one final AWA newsletter to all abalone stakeholders across Australia. The AWA Team is very excited about the recent launch our Digital media platforms in China so here is an update on our exciting China Digital Media platforms and strategy!

Dean Lisson, Executive Chairman - Abalone Council Australia Ltd

As you know Asian consumers are hooked on their mobile digital devices and it is now necessary for any business serious about promoting their product in Asian markets to establish a “digital” presence. For Australian Wild Abalone and all seafood exporters, having an online presence is now an essential medium for marketing to Chinese buyers, and differentiating products from competitors.

The number of Chinese people accessing the internet is well over 635 million (the largest internet usage of any country). Unfortunately the Chinese government blocks most of the western based social media channels that we are familiar with, and therefore we have to be smart about integrating the most effective Chinese digital and social media platforms to our AWA digital material. This will keep us in the minds of our customers now and in the future. Our AWA social media channels will drive awareness in the Chinese market. After building awareness, the aim is to engage and interact with followers and creatively incorporate offline events with the online channels.

We aim to show our biggest market that Australian Wild Abalone is a healthy, safe, sustainable, wild caught premium product that is great to eat. We also want to give them access to knowledge & information to help them enjoy the product to its full potential.

The starting point and the hub of this digital campaign is the AWA China website, we have had some fantastic feedback about the look, feel, and content of the website and look forward to developing this further in response to the wants and needs of our users, and importantly our participants.

Our AWA video library can be viewed by Chinese users on our AWA Youku account (this is the Chinese equivalent of YouTube - which is not available to Chinese users) .

In addition to our website hosted in China, we have recently launched our china social media platforms, WeChat and Weibo.

AWA gets social in China...

Australian Wild Abalone has launched our Weixin (WeChat) Social media account! Our WeChat name is "AWA澳大利亚野生鲍鱼" or ID "auswildabalone"!

In the three years since Tencent launched WeChat, it has become one of the largest social networks in China, with over 650 million monthly active users! WeChat is quickly becoming integrated into the Chinese lifestyle, allowing users to send text, voice messages, play games, watch videos, shop and pay through the app. When it comes to marketing, WeChat allows companies to post adverts to their target market and to create official accounts to share information/content about products and or/services – if we are serious about promoting Australian Wild Abalone in China, it is imperative that we have a WeChat account, and we are very pleased to announce that as of November this year we now have an official AWA WeChat platform fully operational and managed by a professional team in Shanghai.

if you already have a WeChat account you can search WeChat name "AWA澳大利亚野生鲍鱼" or for its ID "auswildabalone", or you can scan the QR code above to subscribe to our account. If you don’t, WeChat is available in Australia and you can download it on your mobile phone or desktop from your app store or the WeChat website.

AWA China social media handy tips!

The Australian Wild Abalone team have created a short series of videos to guide you through the basics, these are all available on our YouTube page AusWildAbalone YouTube, here’s a short intro to help you find our WeChat account and give you a tour of the platform and it's functions - WeChat basics

Sina Weibo is a microblogging site similar to Twitter. AWA has set up an official Auswildabalone Weibo page so we can post content, links, pictures and videos to reach and gain followers. This is an effective tool to assist us with growing our reputation in the Chinese market, reinforcing the value and exceptional quality of our product and drawing consumers to our website.

Here is a short video to give you a guided tour of our weibo account - AWA Weibo Handy Tips, but please feel free to follow this link and have a look around our platform

Why go digital in China?

“Establishing the new China based AWA® website and linked social media is a giant step forward for the AWA Program and should “turbo-charge” our exposure in the Asian digital media space. This is important because the main objective of the AWA program is “to create an awareness of and a preference for Australian Wild Abalone” – particularly in a global market that is increasingly connected to the internet and is becoming more discerning and sophisticated in its purchasing habits.” Dean Lisson, Abalone Council Australia Ltd

Our China based digital media team has been working with the project team to manage the AWA website and China social media and respond quickly to any enquiries and upload our latest real time content.

The AWA® Digital Media strategy will leverage our “in-market” events and activities that generate media interest and in particular, Asian based “social media” activity, linking in with key opinion leaders will result in more recognition, attracting fans who are interested in similar topics. As part of the social media strategy, we will not only be able to broadcast the highlights of our own activities but other key Chinese holidays and events to generate peeks of interest during these periods. This form of exposure (via the mobile digital/human interface) is the most efficient and cost effective way to communicate with tech savvy Asian consumers and businesses about the products and the program!

We invite you to have a look at our China website, Weibo and WeChat pages and share them with your friends and colleagues; we welcome any feedback. If you are interested in learning more, please use the tools we have created to learn about the platforms or contact us, we are happy to assist or provide any technical advice from our digital team in China!

From all of the Australian Wild Abalone program team we would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a successful 2016!!

The Australian Wild Abalone (AWA) Program is an initiative of Abalone Council Australia Ltd and has been supported since 2009 by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and the Australian Seafood CRC.  Following the closure of the CRC on 30th June 2015, the FRDC continues to support the AWA program through ongoing investment in market related R&D.  AWA Program promotional activities will continue through 2015 and 2016 thanks to funding from the Tasmanian Abalone Council Ltd and direct financial investment by AWA exporters.  The AWA Program Team would like to acknowledge and thank the FRDC, the Seafood CRC, the Tasmanian Abalone Council and the AWA exporters for their ongoing support for this important industry initiative.

We'll keep you posted on the program activities and for the most up to date news from Australian Wild Abalone please subscribe to our newsletter, link in to our facebook page or tweet with us on twitter - @AbaloneAWA!

Or if you would prefer you can also give us a call on +61 3 6231 1956 or email to Please contact us if you would like further information or if you would like to become a program participant.

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