Sparkin - Moving You Forward March 2015
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Full Job Security - Is it Possible?

Stuart Parkin

None of us have true job security anymore. Downsizings, repositionings, mergers, bankruptcies… –they can all take down the most talented of professionals.

In the face of uncontrollable risk there is only one thing to do: proactively take responsibility for your career. Not simply when you realize you need a new job, but all the time.

The best way to take control and secure your future is to do a great job, but this is easiest when you’re in the right job, in the right environment, using your strongest skills and experiences and with the right management support. This in turn requires on-going monitoring of your career, a good degree of self-awareness and, occasionally, some help.

Get these in place and you’ll be in good shape. So, don’t wait. Instead, ‘become your own rainmaker!’

Looking forward to talking with you about your career progression. Let me know if you have any questions on this or related topics.


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