Newsletter - April 2020

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Welcome to the April speechBITE newsletter! In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for acquired and developmental disorders of language/literacy, AAC, dysarthria, dysphagia, and voice.

You can catch up on all the previous editions of the speechBITE newsletter here - the archive goes back to 2014!

Latest publications

Adult Language/Literacy

Cotelli M, Manenti R, et al (2020) Effectiveness of language training and non-invasive brain stimulation on oral and written naming performance in primary progressive aphasia: A meta-analysis and systematic review

de Aguiar V, Zhao Y, et al (2020) Cognitive and language performance predicts effects of spelling intervention and tDCS in primary progressive aphasia

Gregori E, Wendt O, et al (2020) Functional communication training for adults with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review and quality appraisal

Paediatric Language

Forbes HJ, Travers JC, et al (2020) A systematic review of linguistic and verbal behavior outcomes of pivotal response treatment

Hoffmann AN, Bogoev BK, et al (2019) Using Telehealth and Expert Coaching to Support Early Childhood Special Education Parent-Implemented Assessment and Intervention Procedures

Hurwitz S, Ryan T, et al (2020) Developing social communication skills using dual first-person video recording glasses: A novel intervention for adolescents with autism

Paediatric Literacy

Council MR, Gardner R, et al (2019) Improving Reading within an Urban Elementary School: Computerized Intervention and Paraprofessional Factors

Denton CA, Tamm L, et al (2020) The effects of ADHD treatment and reading intervention on the fluency and comprehension of children with ADHD and word reading difficulties: A randomized clinical trial

Yeung SS, Savage R (2020) Teaching grapheme-phoneme correspondences using a direct mapping approach for at-risk second language learners: A randomized controlled trial


Lancioni GE, Singh NN, et al (2019) Basic smartphone-aided communication and leisure for people with extensive neuro-motor impairment and absence of speech


Fabbri M, Zibetti M, et al (2019) Is lowering stimulation frequency a feasible option for subthalamic deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease patients with dysarthria?


Park MS, Choi JY, et al (2019) Systematic Review of Behavioral Therapy to Improve Swallowing Functions of Patients With Parkinson's Disease


Lowell SY, Kelley RT, et al (2019) The Effect of Octanoic Acid on Essential Voice Tremor: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Meerschman I, Van Lierde K, et al (2020) Immediate Effects of a Semi-Occluded Water Resistance Ventilation Mask on Objective and Subjective Vocal Outcomes in Musical Theater Students

van Leer E, Porcaro N (2019) Feasibility of the Fake Phone Call: An iOS App for Covert, Public Practice of Voice Technique for Generalization Training

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