N8 Research Partnership March Newsletter

May 2016

Director's Update

Welcome to the latest news from the N8 Research Partnership.

N8 is, as you will know, fully committed to enabling successful university engagement with business and with society. We have been able to deliver on both of these fronts recently.

Firstly, through the launch event for the N8 report “Knowledge that Matters”. This is a landmark report on effective means for academics to work in deep partnership with practitioners in the public sector and voluntary sector. We hope the recommendations become embedded in research and research funding to enable further close partnerships.

Secondly, the pioneering N8 AgriFood programme has been able to announce the key appointment of the Academic Director, Professor Katherine Denby. She will play a key role in advancing cross-sectoral business engagement with world class AgriFood research across the North. N8 is also delighted to welcome Jonathan Oxley on board as AgriFood Operations Director. 

A recent N8 AgriFood Industry Innovation Forum led to a wealth of new ideas to solve issues affecting resilience of Industry Supply Chains. Also, don’t miss the big N8 AgriFood launch event in Manchester next month.

The N8 Research Partnership continues to actively engage with other key sectoral organisations and leaders about delivering the exciting potential of an innovation-led economy for of the North. For example, N8 presented at Biotrinity with key regional life sciences partners recently, an event that featured the launch of the UKTI Northern Powerhouse Life Sciences investment proposition. George Freeman, Life Sciences minister, endorsed this at the Biotrinity event, saying “With its world-leading universities, innovative life sciences companies and millions of NHS patients across the region, the North has unique capabilities with excellent growth potential for international investors”.

Much is uncertain currently in the university sector and the funding landscape; however with a collaborative mind-set and world class ideas, I am confident that the Northern research-intensive universities will continue to play a powerful role in building a successful future for the region and beyond.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or to get involved in our programmes.

Dr Peter Simpson
Director, N8 Research Partnership

Professor Heather Campbell - N8 lead on Co-production report

N8 Co-production final report launches at Sheffield University

Academics, communities and policymakers can produce research which is both academically excellent and has real public benefit by working together, according to a major new report launched at the University of Sheffield.

Find out more about the launch of the report.

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Dr Dave Vanderhoven - Co-production blog

On the allure and impact of co-production. A blog by Dr Dave Vanderhoven

In 'Knowledge that matters: realising the potential of co-production', a research programme funded by N8 and the ESRC, we supported five pilot projects to ‘do’ co-production.

Here Dr Dave Vanderhoven reflects on the experience.

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Social mobility - a blog by Sir Keith Burnett

Social mobility: Education alone is not enough – wealthy parents will always make sure their children are ahead. A blog by Sir Keith Burnett

'If we want a real meritocracy, we know we have a long way to go.'

Sir Keith Burnett discusses how Britain has some of the lowest social mobility in the developed world. Read the full blog here.

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N8 AgriFood launch

Launch Event for N8 AgriFood updated

This major forum is a unique opportunity for industry to explore at first hand the real the potential for collaborative new projects and solutions to the major food, supply chain and agritech challenges.

Book your place at the AgriFood launch event now.

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Professor Katherine Denby - AgriFood Academic Director

Double AgriFood Appointment for N8 Research Partnership

The N8 Research Partnership has announced the appointment of Professor Katherine Denby as Academic Director and Jonathan Oxley as Operations & Business Development Director of the N8 AgriFood programme.

Find out more about their roles within the N8 Research Partnership.

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N8 Life Sciences

Life Sciences sector is delivering £10 billion into Northern Powerhouse

A review has been commissioned by UKTI to highlight the investment opportunity in Life Sciences across the North of England, which will be used to help drive inward investment into the North of England’s thriving life sciences sector.

Find out more here.

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