Newsletter - October 2017

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Welcome to the October newsletter! This month we have a special edition newsletter focusing on research on language and literacy interventions for adolescents

Our special edition newsletters are sent out bimonthly and feature all the latest published research in a clinical area. This year we have sent out editions on traumatic brain injuryinterventions for children with hearing loss, aphasia rehabilitation and acquired apraxia of speech.

You can access all the speechBITE special edition newsletters from past years here.

Latest publications

Ebbels SH, Wright L et al (2017). Effectiveness of 1:1 speech and language therapy for older children with (developmental) language disorder.

Spencer S, Clegg J et al (2017). Increasing adolescents' depth of understanding of cross-curriculum words: an intervention study.

Lowe H, Joffe V (2017). Exploring the feasibility of a classroom-based vocabulary intervention for mainstream secondary school students with language disorder.

Murphy A, Franklin S et al (2017). A whole class teaching approach to improve the vocabulary skills of adolescents attending mainstream secondary school, in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage.

Denton CA, York MJ et al (2017). An Investigation of an Intervention to Promote Inference Generation by Adolescent Poor Comprehenders.

Warnick K, Caldarella P (2016). Using Multisensory Phonics to Foster Reading Skills of Adolescent Delinquents.

Vaughn S, Roberts G et al (2015). High School Students With Reading Comprehension Difficulties: Results of a Randomized Control Trial of a Two-Year Reading Intervention.

Wright A, Mitchell S et al (2015). Making sense of it: a brief programme to improve reading comprehension in adolescents with language impairments in main stream school.

Galuschka K, Ise E et al (2014). Effectiveness of treatment approaches for children and adolescents with reading disabilities: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. open access

Ebbels SH, Marić N et al (2014). Improving comprehension in adolescents with severe receptive language impairments: a randomized control trial of intervention for coordinating conjunctions.

Wexler J, Pyle N et al (2014). A Synthesis of Academic Interventions for Incarcerated Adolescents.

Garwood JD, Brunsting NC et al (2014). Improving Reading Comprehension and Fluency Outcomes for Adolescents With Emotional-Behavioral Disorders.

Mason LH, Kubina RM Jr et al (2013). Effects of quick writing instruction for high school students with emotional disturbances.

Starling J, Munro N et al (2012). Training Secondary School Teachers in Instructional Language Modification Techniques to Support Adolescents With Language Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Ebbels SH, Nicoll H et al (2012). Effectiveness of semantic therapy for word-finding difficulties in pupils with persistent language impairments: a randomized control trial.

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The speechBITE team

The University of Sydney

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