Newsletter - June 2019

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Welcome to the June speechBITE newsletter! This month we have a special edition of the newsletter for you, focused on literacy interventions.

The papers included in this edition cover interventions for alexia and agraphia in adult populations, and reading and writing treatments for children. In addition to case study and RCT papers, there are also three systematic reviews: one on reading comprehension in aphasia, one on single-word reading in children who use AAC, and one on summarizing and main idea interventions in school aged children.

There are over 1,000 articles on literacy and pre-literacy interventions on the speechBITE database. You can find them by selecting “Literacy and pre-literacy intervention” from the drop-down menu in the “Type of intervention” field using the advanced search. To refine the search results, try selecting an age group or population.

Latest publications


Ablinger I, Friede A, et al (2019) A combined lexical and segmental therapy approach in a participant with pure alexia

Johnson JP, Ross K, et al (2019) Multi-step treatment for acquired alexia and agraphia (Part I): efficacy, generalisation, and identification of beneficial treatment steps

Marshall J, Caute A et al (2019) Technology‐enhanced writing therapy for people with aphasia: results of a quasi‐randomized waitlist controlled study

Purdy M, Coppens P, et al (2019) Reading comprehension treatment in aphasia: a systematic review


Arfé B, Cona E et al (2018) Training Implicit Learning of Spelling in Italian Children with Developmental Dyslexia

Calet N, Pérez-Morenilla MC et al (2019) Overcoming reading comprehension difficulties through a prosodic reading intervention: A single-case study

Ferraz E, Gonçalves TDS et al (2018) Effects of a phonological reading and writing remediation program in students with dyslexia: Intervention for specific learning disabilities

Mandak K, Light J et al (2018) The effects of literacy interventions on single-word reading for individuals who use aided AAC: a systematic review

Mandak K, Light J et al (2019) Digital Books with Dynamic Text and Speech Output: Effects on Sight Word Reading for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Meyer BJF, Wijekumar K et al (2018) Comparative signaling generated for expository texts by 4th–8th graders: variations by text structure strategy instruction, comprehension skill, and signal word

Moonsamy S, Carolus S (2019) Emergent Literacy Support for Children from Marginalised Populations

Seiler A, Leitão S, et al (2019) WordDriver-1: evaluating the efficacy of an app-supported decoding intervention for children with reading impairment

Stevens EA, Park S, et al (2019) A Review of Summarizing and Main Idea Interventions for Struggling Readers in Grades 3 Through 12: 1978–2016

Tilanus EAT, Segers E, et al (2019) Predicting responsiveness to a sustained reading and spelling intervention in children with dyslexia OPEN ACCESS

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