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SmartShow Launches Innovative WebRTC Based Software for Real Estate Showings


Developed using Frozen Mountain’s IceLink and WebSync products, SmartShow allows buyers located anywhere in the world to participate in home showings.

A first of its kind WebRTC application created specifically for the real estate industry, SmartShow is a game changer for realtors. Powered by Frozen Mountain Software’s IceLink (audio/video streaming) and WebSync (signaling) products, SmartShow works seamlessly across all browsers, native platforms and devices including smartphones, tablets and SmartGlasses.

Once a realtor schedules a showing in their SmartShow account, a QR code is generated. When the realtor scans the QR code with their phone, tablet or SmartGlasses, the showing automatically begins. SmartShow was designed to be easy to use for realtors, regardless of their level of comfort with technology. Remote buyers can be located anywhere, and simply click a link in an email to either participate in the showing or view the recorded showing later using any web browser.

Powered by IceLink and WebSync, SmartShow incorporates a multi-point control unit (MCU) to mix the audio and a selective forwarding unit (SFU) for faster routing of the video without decompression. All audio/video is also recorded on a central recording server for later viewing. The recorded video contains everyone’s comments — from the realtor or local buyer touring the house, and also all remote participants.


Frozen Mountain has built their IceLink WebRTC stack from the ground up and although IceLink makes use of other implementations such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft ORTC as appropriate, IceLink is not reliant on these other implementations. Using IceLink’s cross-platform API ensures that SmartShow will be compatible across all browsers, native platforms and devices, now and into the future.

SmartShow is the first application to use Android SmartGlasses for real estate sales. SmartShow will run on the Vuzix M300 SmartGlasses, which will be released in mid to late 2016. Support is planned for other models of SmartGlasses as well. SmartShow can be used with smartphones and tablets, so using SmartGlasses is optional, but they are the way of the future for applications such as SmartShow.

Realtors love using SmartShow to connect and build relationships with out-of-town or out-of-country clients. In addition, SmartShow can save clients thousands of dollars in travel costs versus flying out to view a property in person. With SmartShow, remote buyers can see a home as if they were walking through it, and ask questions in real-time, just like they’re right there in the room with their realtor.


Visit for more information about the SmartShow application, or for more information on real time communications solutions using IceLink and WebSync.



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