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Welcome to the Autumn Edition of the IH Modern Languages Newsletter!

Meet the Arabic and Italian Advisors

Due to increasing demand for resources and support in these two languages, we now have advisors for Arabic and Italian: Wessam and Chiara. As for the other languages, the advisors will be responsible for sharing materials on-line, supporting teachers of their language across the network through their closed Facebook groups, as well as running on-line workshops. They will also create materials banks for teaching Arabic and Italian. See their contact information below.

First ML CAM Course with German and French Teachers

The Certificate in Advanced Methodology course for Modern Language teachers started this month with German and French candidates. Good luck to all the course participants!

Closed Facebook Group for Modern Language Teachers

This is a new private Facebook group for languages which do not currently have an advisor. We invite teachers of any language to share ideas, useful links or information related to their language. Contact Estelle Hélouin if you would like to join the group.

Articles from ML Teachers in the IH Journal

Special thanks to Guilhaume Garcia, Nadezhda Vlasova and Antonella Balena for their articles in French, Russian and Italian, which appeared in the last IH Journal issue. This is an inspiring example for other ML teachers from IH schools: try it! Do it! Enjoy it! 

CLTA Courses in London

4 CLTA (Certificate of Language Teaching to Adults) courses have been run at IH London this year in French, Italian, and Spanish. The next intensive CLTA is scheduled for February. For more information, contact

German IHCTL Courses in Berlin

IH Berlin/GLS has already run 3 IHC courses this year, and one more course is scheduled in November. This course is getting more and more popular: 4 courses are announced for 2017, and summer courses are already booked out!  For any questions regarding the IHC at IH Berlin/GLS, contact

Various programmes in Russian at RFL RUS

IH Voronezh offers a lot of various exciting programmes for teaching and learning Russian:

  • Internship in Russia: exchange programme for English and German teachers willing to study Russian
  • School of Journalism: the participants study Russian, explore the city, and publish their articles in one of the most popular web magazines about the city.
  • The Book that Changed my Life: a video contest starting in November. The winners will get a free summer semester at the school.  For more information, go to

In case you didn't know...

Language Advisors and Resources for French, German, Russian and Spanish

The language advisors for these 4 languages share resources and links on Moodle, run forums and workshops and monitor a private Facebook group for each languagePlease send Estelle your teachers’ email addresses for our mailing list if you have not done so yet. Your teachers could miss out on exciting events and resources! To contact the advisors, see below.

Facebook groups for Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish  

The private Facebook allow teachers from all over the network to share news, links and ideas of activities in their language. Encourage your teachers to join, the more the merrier!

  • Arabic: IH-Arabic
  • French: IH professeurs de français
  • German: IH DeutschlehrerInnen
  • Italian: Insegnanti di Italiano International House
  • Russian: IH преподаватели русского языка
  • Spanish: Ih Profesores de español

IH Journal Modern Language section

Articles in languages other than English are regularly published in the IH on-line Journal. Look out for the next issue! To read all the previous issues visit the journal website. If you would like to submit an article, contact Chris Ożόg at


For any question or suggestion related to modern languages (other than English), contact: