Cluecon 2017 Recap

Building a LiveSwitch App Live at ClueCon 2017

This month, Frozen Mountain sponsored and attended ClueCon in Chicago, organized by the great folks at FreeSWITCH.

Anton Venema, our CTO, demonstrated how to build a LiveSwitch powered web-app that creates P2P, SFU, or MCU connections dynamically as directed by a web client. To take it up a notch, he added inbound calling with a FreeSWITCH SIP integration and then went over the top and used Google's Speech API to transcribe participant audio.... all within the 30 minute on-stage demo.


Anton was also a member of the WebRTC roundtable panel, which discussed trends and provided insight and tips.

Big shoutout to FreeSWITCH for organizing a great conference, and their continued support of the WebRTC community!

Converting Motion JPEG to WebRTC

One of the most powerful things we see our customers doing is creating custom audio and video sources and sinks within LiveSwitch and IceLink.

In this blog post, we are going to put together a custom video source that is fed by a live motion JPEG web stream. When we’re done, you will be able to drop the custom class into the LiveSwitch or IceLink .NET chat example and use it as the video source.

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LiveSwitch 1.0.1 + IceLink 3.1.0 Released

In case you missed the release notification, new versions of LiveSwitch and IceLink are ready to download with several new features:

  • A new GetStats() API to all MCU, SFU and Peer connections, as well as all subcomponents, allowing access to underlying statistical information.
  • A new HalfTrickle TrickleIcePolicy setting. This allows the LiveSwitch Media Server to use Trickle ICE with clients that support it and fall back to non-trickle ICE with those that do not, speeding up connectivity time for Trickle ICE capable end points.
  • And much, much more! Check out the IceLink release notification, and the LiveSwitch release notification for details.
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