Chile Tourism board Newsletter

April 2017


Pucón Hostel Nabs Hostelworld’s Title for Best Hostel in Latin America

Chili Kiwi Hostel took home the award as Hostelworld’s best hostel in Latin America. The Hoscars (Hostelworld Customer Annual Ratings) award is the Oscars of the hosteling community. The honor further showcases Chile as a destination offering accommodations fit for every traveler – including backpackers, solo travelers, youth and those on a budget.


Two Travel + Leisure Features Showcase Santiago and Chilean Cuisine

Travel + Leisure recently featured not one, but two articles highlighting Chile. Penned by Andrew Villagomez, the first article “11 Reasons You Should Get to Santiago Before Everyone Else Does,” highlights some of the best attractions in Santiago, such as its historic districts and emerging arts scene along with its proximity to the Andes and Valparaíso. Villagomez also wrote a culinary feature “The Foods You Have to Eat in Chile,” which explores popular dishes from the Elqui Valley to Chiloé. The many pictures that accompany the article showcase the richness of Chilean cuisine.


The Guardian Highlights 10 of Chile’s Emerging Destinations

Global news outlet The Guardian highlights many of Chile’s lesser known but equally striking regions, from Cajón del Maipo to Central Valley’s parks, waterfalls and pools. The article includes vivid photographs which showcase the natural beauty of the country’s many regions.


Torres Del Paine Ranks #6 on The Telegraph’s list of 15 mountain holidays

Expert mountain climber Paul Hart highlights “15 mountain holidays to conquer in your lifetime” in his recent feature for The Telegraph. Placing at #6, Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, is noted not only for its sheer size and raw beauty, but for the opulent accommodations that one can find in the region. The article also highlights Explore’s 15-day excursions through Patagonia.



New Hotels Shine Beyond Santiago

From the North to the South, a variety of hotels have opened, offering unique amenities to charm today’s jet-setting clientele. The boutique Hotel Puerto Viejo on the Mauline Coast provides access to the fishing villages of Llico and a variety of aquatic activities. What’s more, guests can savor delicious Chilean fare masterminded by Chef Francisco Celis all while overlooking picturesque ocean views. Hotel Keo, part of the Ovalle Casino Resort in Coquimbo, is an architectural wonder, featuring a tranquil spa including unique services such as hydromassages and – for the truly opulent – a bath mixed with carmenere wine. Additional properties blooming throughout Chile include the Casa Bouchon in Constitución, the stunning Hotel AWA on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. Click here for more information on Chile’s emerging properties.


First Boutique Icebreaker Launches in the Arctic

Initially built in 1974 as a Class 1 icebreaker, the M / Y Legend has been transformed into a luxury vessel, perfectly combining the hardware needed for rugged arctic expeditions with the accommodations expected by many high-end adventure travelers. Suitable for up to 26 passengers, the M/Y Legend contains a Balinese spa, mini movie theatre and a covered outdoor dining area. Travelers looking to explore the artic via the M/Y Legend can reach the vessel in two-hours via direct flights on DAP airlines from Chilean Patagonia.


New “Tourist Trains” Connect Visitors to Chile’s Cities

New seasonal train service will connect a variety of Chilean cities, making it easier for both tourists and locals to explore the country. Routes include the “Sabores and Sparkling” which connects Santiago to San Rafael and the “Train of the Araucanía,” that begins in Temuco with a terminus in Victoria.


New App Illuminates Chiloé’s Famous Ecclesiastical Wooden Churches

Visitors to Chiloé will now be able to learn more about the regions’ emblematic “Route of the Churches” via a new mobile app. Issued by the National Tourism Service (Sernatur), the app will highlight historic features of the 16 buildings, along with access to travel and planning information. The app is available in English and Spanish.


Chile Sandwiches, the new app to promote gastronomy

Now visitors can take a slice of Chilean cuisine back home with Chile Sandwiches a new app which highlight’s the country’s well-known hand-held eats. Launched by the government, the app aims to promote Chilean gastronomic heritage around the world, offering easy to make recipes. Chile’s sandwiches are already well-known amongst the culinary media; In 2015, BuzzFeed ranked the Chacarero at number 10 on its list of 32 Delicious Sandwiches From Around the World, noting that it is tasty and unique for its green beans. A year earlier Time Magazine also highlighted it as one of the 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches.

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