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Better at helping your business because we invested in ours.


So, later this year, our new ERP system will come online. It’s the system that links all the separate bits of Golden Coast together, from ordering and inventory through to invoicing and despatch. We are also introducing a bar code system that will minimise picking errors in the warehouse.

What the new system means for you is that we will be more accurate and efficient in handling your orders while for us we will be printing less paperwork and therefore reduce our environmental impact

The investment doesn’t stop with technology and software; we have added to our fleet of liveried delivery vehicles and taken on staff in the warehouse to keep pace with growing demand.


New products are helping to drive that new business.


It looks like we are witnessing a boom in new pool builds. Once those pools are being used we have the perfect product to let your customers spend more time in the pool and less in the plant room.

GC PoolCop has already become popular in the maintenance and service sector as it allows businesses to monitor and control all their clients pools remotely, helping to optimise maintenance and minimise the time it takes to fix faults.

The new PoolCop Genesis is perfect for residential pool owners who want all the benefits of remote monitoring but without the automatic back wash feature – which substantially reduces the cost, and it couldn’t be easier to install.


For people who want to make the most of owning their own pool.


Counter current units have become popular and the EVAstream is one of the very best.

By providing an adjustable 8.5 m/s of current to swim against, the EVAstream transforms a swimming pool into a training pool suitable for a professional athlete; a home-fitness facility or even a water park attraction with a dynamic underwater volcano.

It only requires a single-phase supply, but EVAstream is the most powerful and compact counter-current swimming machine available and it’s suitable for a new build or retrofit to an existing pool.

Enhance Brochure

Our new ‘Enhance’ brochure features both of those products and many more.


It showcases a curated selection of products that can be retrofitted to improve the owner’s experience of running and enjoying their own pool.

The brochure is written from the customer’s point of view and can be customised with your own company name and logo. It’s a powerful sales tool for this lucrative and growing sector of the industry.


2020 was an exceptional year for hot tubs and spas.


There is every possibility that this coming season will be the same so we are looking forward to a good first season for tubhub, our new spa and hot tub accessories range.

The tubhub product range has been designed to include everything a hot tub owner might be looking for; steps in a wide range of colours, lifters to suit all sizes and brands and what we believe is the biggest fragrance range in the country. Hundreds of products in total and all new packaging and point of sale material lets you refresh your showroom and capitalise on additional sales at the till.

If you would like to know more about tubhub, EVAstream or PoolCop – or anything else for that matter – we have two rooms in operation for virtual meetups; although we are looking forward to getting together face to face once more.

Golden Coast Sales Team 2021

I read somewhere that it takes tough times to build strong teams and #TeamGC have performed above and beyond expectation over this last year. They have looked after each other and they have looked after the business. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

If there is any way that I or any member of the team can help you prepare to get the most out of this coming season, please just get in touch.

Jamie Adams
Managing Director

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