UMSoA Fall 2016 Jury Reviews begin Friday, December 2
At the end of each term, UMSoA students, faculty, guest critics and members of the community participate in the Final Review, a tradition that has long defined architectural education in North America. Alternative models for the submission and evaluation of student work at the end of the term exist, but none have seriously challenged this institution despite some of its pedagogical shortcomings. Arguably, the pedagogical benefits do not entirely account for the enduring success of the traditional Final Review. Equally important is the public aspect of the event: how the work, the ideas that drive it and the debates that it generates are exposed to the public in a participatory event. Our Final Reviews enact the broader cultural relevance of our projects at UMSoA and demonstrate the diverse ways in which we tackle them. Most valuable are instances where comments depart from individual projects to launch into a broader discussion about the ideas that animate the school and position our efforts in the ongoing public debate. Reviews begin this week, starting Friday, December 2 and run through Tuesday, December 6 on and off-campus. To view the complete schedule here. Final jury review booklets will be distributed at the end of the week.

Professors Adib Cure and Carie Penabad delivered a public lecture in the town of Puerto Colombia, Colombia on the urbanism of coastal cities in the Colombian Caribbean. The lecture took place on October 20, 2016. They were invited to deliver the lecture as part of this year’s Audrey R. Finkelstein UM Experience. The lecture was titled: “Mapping Informal Cities.”

UMSoA student Rogelio Cadena has started an instagram page @theschoolofmiami. The page serves as a format for students and faculty to post their sketches and drawings. We encourage everyone to post!

November 30, 2016 – High Noon Lectury by Aziza Chaouni
Aziza Chaouni is trained both as a structural engineer and as an architect, with 8 years working experience in Morocco, France and the United States. She is the principal of Aziza Chaouni Projects, a multidisciplinary design firm based in Fez, Morocco and Toronto, Canada that focuses on architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and construction. ACP works on projects that scale in range from furniture to city planning. Prior to creating ACP, Aziza co-founded and ran Bureau E.A.S.T. with partner Takako Tajima. Aziza is also an Assistant Professor at the Daniels School of Architecture Landscape and Design, where she leads the Designing Ecological Tourism lab. She will present a High Noon lecture at 12:15 p.m. in Rinker Classroom.

December 1-4, 2016 – Art Basel

December 2-6, 2016 – Final Jury Reviews

December 3, 2016 – Short Course: Green Roof and Wall Technology
Did you know that a green roof can reduce the summertime energy use of a one-story building by up to 73%? That green roofs can last up to four times as long as conventional roofs? In this course you will examine the latest developments in green roof and living wall design, installation, and maintenance. Topics include the essential components, design and technology, various types of green roof systems, along with environmental benefits, history of green roofs, trends, incentives and current legislation. Amy Norquist, Stanford ’86, is the founder and CEO of Greensulate, a leader of integrated design, engineering, installation and maintenance of Green Roof Systems for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, operating out of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida. Click here to learn more and to register.

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Top image by Josemaria Churtichaga.
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