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Businesses reopening and in recovery are encountering a number of operational questions and challenges. We encourage companies to review and address the following areas.

Safety & Health: Addressing and improving physical and mental health due to the coronavirus is important, from employees to vendors to customers. The firm’s response to questions about health maintenance will assist everyone’s return. For emotional support dealing with stress, anxiety and depression due to COVID-19, behavioral care specialists are available at 866-202-HELP (4357) daily from 8am-8pm, or by texting NJHOPE to 51684.

Employment Practices: Employee health is only one part of the pandemic’s impact. Businesses are encountering obstacles such as remote working, staggered shifts, data security from a home-based office, and other topics. Contact NJBAC at 1-800-JERSEY-7 for assistance in directing you to resources to address these challenges.

Financial Planning: As businesses reopen, it is not clear how quickly customers will return and how long reduced capacity will remain. Cash flow projections with different scenarios will help businesses anticipate and plan for the future demand. Contact your local SBDC office for counseling on financial issues.

Marketing: Customers are adapting to changes in their respective routines and traditional marketing efforts may need to be reviewed. An expanded online presence through social media, video conferencing, or other technologies may help. Contact your local SBDC office​ for counseling on marketing strategies.


For more resources about these and other topics related to reopening and recovery, please find our searchable database and live chat for business resources related to all things COVID-19 linked below. You can also contact NJBAC at 1-800-JERSEY-7 for assistance in directing you to resources to answer these questions.

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