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AWA September 2013 News - September Briefings

AWA™ Importer Briefing event in Shanghai – 11th September 2013

Photo: AWA™ Importer Briefing event in Shanghai – 11th September

The AWA™ website is up and running and we have ten export companies participating in the program, so it is time to start activating the planned AWA™ supply chain education program. 

As part of a China market development research program funded and managed by the Australian Seafood CRC a series of briefings were recently held with Australian Wild Abalone importers in China and Hong Kong. The briefings were by invitation only through our ten AWA™ program exporter companies and aimed to to reinforce the supply chain communications program, update our importers on our plans for the next 12 months, and give our importers the tools to engage their customers in the AWA™ initiative.

Held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, nine import companies attended the Beijing briefing, eleven import companies attended the Shanghai briefing and twenty import companies attended the Shenzhen/Hong Kong briefings. All in all, thirty five companies attended the briefing sessions with participants unanimously endorsing and indicating support for our AWA™ the program. All participant companies received recognition and were presented with Foundation Partner certificates. It was an opportunity to show off some of the key elements of the AWA™ program, such as the NanoTag™ technology, and to discuss our plans for the AWA™ Club, and the proposed AWA™ market activation strategies which are also part of the CRC’s China market development research program being undertaken in partnership with the ACA and AAA.

The message was very clear from our AWA™ Foundation Partners – let’s get on and do this!

The AWA™ Project Team will now meet to discuss the findings from the trip and further develop the Supply Chain Communication and Education Program for rollout starting with a trade seminar in Hong Kong during November 2013. 

More information about the Hong Kong trade seminar and a timetable for the Australian AWA™ stakeholder briefings during October and November will be provided within the next two weeks.

September Briefings - Photo Gallery

AWA™ Importer Briefing event in Beijing 9th September 2013

Here's a few snaps from the briefing sessions! The team gave demonstrations of the AWA NanoTag High Security products, the educational tools and resources we already have available for them to start using straight away, and examples of what we can provide for their customers in the future...

Dean demonstrating the NanoTag™ technology to some of our Shanghai importers

NanoTag™ High Security labels

Presenting one of the Shanghai importers with their AWA™ Foundation Partner Certificate

Presenting the AWA™ Audiovisual presentation to an attentive audience of importers in Shanghai

AWA™ Importer Briefing event in Hong Kong, 16th September 2013

Presenting the AWA™ Audiovisual presentation to the audience of importers in Hong Kong

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