Newsletter - September 2019

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Welcome to the September 2019 newsletter! This month we are updating you on all the latest references added to speechBITE over the past month. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for acquired and developmental disorders of language/literacy, voice, dysphagia, fluency, and speech.

You can catch up on all the previous editions of the speechBITE newsletter here - the archive goes back to 2014! 

Latest publications

Language/literacy - acquired

Biou E, Cassoudesalle H, et al (2019) Transcranial direct current stimulation in post-stroke aphasia rehabilitation: A systematic review

Hux K, Mahrt T (2019) Alexia and Agraphia Intervention Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Single Case Study

Kerry SJ, Aguilar OM,et al (2019) How Does iReadMore Therapy Change the Reading Network of Patients with Central Alexia?

Language/literacy - developmental

Brown MI, Trembath D, et al (2019) A Pilot Study of Early Storybook Reading With Babies With Hearing Loss

Crowe K, Guiberson M (2019) Evidence-Based Interventions for Learners Who Are Deaf and/or Multilingual: A Systematic Quality Review

Rajesh V, Venkatesh L (2019) Preliminary evaluation of a low-intensity parent training program on speech-language stimulation for children with language delay

Russell J, Drake Shiffler M (2019) How Does a Metalinguistic Phonological Intervention Impact the Reading Achievement and Language of African American Boys?

Tobin LM, Ebbels SH (2019) Effectiveness of intervention with visual templates targeting tense and plural agreement in copula and auxiliary structures in school-aged children with complex needs: a pilot study


Angadi V, Croake D, et al (2019) Effects of Vocal Function Exercises: A Systematic Review

Körner Gustafsson J, Södersten M et al (2019) Long-term effects of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment on daily voice use in Parkinson’s disease as measured with a portable voice accumulator

Taito M, Taito S, et al (2019) Voice rehabilitation for laryngeal cancer after radiotherapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zaga CJ, Berney S, et al (2019) The Feasibility, Utility, and Safety of Communication Interventions With Mechanically Ventilated Intensive Care Unit Patients: A Systematic Review


Kim H-J, Lee J-Y, et al (2019) Improvements in oral functions of elderly after simple oral exercise

Tarameshlu M, Ansari NN, et al (2019) The effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with traditional dysphagia therapy on poststroke dysphagia: a pilot double-blinded randomized-controlled trial


Shafiei B, Faramarzi S, et al (2019) Effects of the Lidcombe Program and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on Stuttering Reduction in Preschool Children


Maas E, Gildersleeve-Neumann C, et al (2019) Bang for Your Buck: A Single-Case Experimental Design Study of Practice Amount and Distribution in Treatment for Childhood Apraxia of Speech


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