Favorite Emails: April 2016

Email just keeps getting better. Which makes my job of picking my favorite emails every month that much harder.

Product update video

Not one to shy away from a challenge, here are my favorite campaigns from the past month. 

GIF them a look (sorry, sorry)

Putting Work in Its Place

An excellent piece from Kate Kiefer Lee on how it's not so much "following your dreams" as it is doing what's needed, standing behind your work, and pursuing what matters to you in a way that makes sense to your life.

Room to grow

On Writing

I've been rereading Stephen King's On Writing and it's just as brilliant as the first few times around. I don't agree with all of his thoughts on writing (especially around plotting), but this book is pure gold.

Kill your darlings

Only 1 minute of exercise?

Take these studies as you like, but this recent post in The New York Times is interesting. As someone who's always had an aversion to time-consuming exercise, my interest is piqued.

Intervals FTW?

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