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Welcome to the September speechBITE newsletter! This month we are updating you on some of the latest research added to speechBITE.

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Latest publications


Al-Shdifat KG, Sarsak J et al (2018). Exploring the efficacy of melodic intonation therapy with Broca’s aphasia in Arabic. OPEN ACCESS

van de Sandt-Koenderman MWME, Mendez Orellana CP et al (2018). Language lateralisation after Melodic Intonation Therapy: an fMRI study in subacute and chronic aphasia.

Cognitive Communication

Dinnes C, Hux K (2018). A Multicomponent Writing Intervention for a College Student With Mild Brain Injury.

Mooney A, Beale N et al (2018). Group Communication Treatment for Individuals with PPA and Their Partners.

Early Intervention

Burgoyne K, Gardner R et al (2018). Evaluation of a parent-delivered early language enrichment programme: evidence from a randomised controlled trial.

Phillips BM, Tabulda G et al (2016). Literate Language Intervention With High-Need Prekindergarten Children: A Randomized Trial.

Suskind DL, Leung CYY et al (2018). Educating Parents About Infant Language Development: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Developmental Language Disorder

Calder SD, Claessen M et al (2018). Combining implicit and explicit intervention approaches to target grammar in young children with Developmental Language Disorder.

Finestack LH, (2018). Evaluation of an Explicit Intervention to Teach Novel Grammatical Forms to Children With Developmental Language Disorder.

Owen Van Horne AJ, Curran M et al (2018). Effects of a Complexity-Based Approach on Generalization of Past Tense –ed and Related Morphemes.

Van Reybroeck M, Michiels N (2018). Finger-writing intervention impacts the spelling and handwriting skills of children with developmental language disorder: a multiple single-case study.


Gevarter C, Zamora C (2018). Naturalistic Speech-Generating Device Interventions for Children With Complex Communication Needs: A Systematic Review of Single-Subject Studies.

Thiemann-Bourque K, Feldmiller S et al (2018). Incorporating a Peer-Mediated Approach Into Speech-Generating Device Intervention: Effects on Communication of Preschoolers With Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Preston JL, McAllister T et al (2018). Treatment for Residual Rhotic Errors With High- and Low-Frequency Ultrasound Visual Feedback: A Single-Case Experimental Design.

At Risk Populations

Graham S, Harris KR et al (2018). The impact of supplemental handwriting and spelling instruction with first grade students who do not acquire transcription skills as rapidly as peers: a randomized control trial.

Wood C, Fitton L et al (2018). The Effect of e-Book Vocabulary Instruction on Spanish–English Speaking Children.

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