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SP Gov Suite on Office 365 for Local Government

Transform your local government and Office 365 with a next generation 311 citizen services application

Designed for small to medium cities and counties, SP CRS dramatically improves response times and streamlines back-office department processes!

SP Citizen Request System (CRS) leverages the power of the Office 365 Cloud platform to deliver full-featured citizen services quickly and easily. Additionally, SP CRS features include:   

  • Citizens submit issues and requests via web, mobile, email or telephone
  • CRS staff answers, dispatches, tracks and manages requests through a Citizen Services Central Portal
  • Requests are selectively or automatically routed to department service desks for resolution
  • Automated notifications and updates between the department, Citizen Central and the citizen
  • Mobile responsive citizen request web forms integrate into existing city and county websites
  • 100% no-code customization to meet a city’s or county’s specific needs 

Traditionally, small- to medium-size cities and counties have not had the budget nor the IT staff to deploy this type of solution. Now they can get an out-of-the-box citizen services application that can easily and quickly be deployed.

SP CRS is priced to support the reality of SMC budgets and limited IT resources. 


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