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85,000 CRO cards to expire

All 85,000 CRO cards issued since October 2015 will expire at the end of September this year. Those holding these cards must act soon to ensure that they can continue to hold a valid CSCS card. Use the Card Finder tool on the CSCS website to find out what you need to do next, or call us on 0344 994 4777. Read more

But my CRO occupation has no approved qualification

This may be because the qualification for your occupation is under development. Many organisations within the construction industry are working together to enhance and develop qualifications for CRO occupations. Read more. Alternatively, it may be because CSCS needs more information to better understand your role in construction. Read more

Virtual is getting real

With the promotion of Smart technology remaining a priority for construction, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors in conjunction with the National Demolition Training Group, have recently announced the launch of a new virtual CCDO SmartCard. This is the first time that the technolgy has been used by a constructon industry card scheme. Read more

MSite and Carillion go smart with pre-induction

Carillion Construction Services has transformed its company-wide inductions process by using the MSite pre-induction system. MSite integrates with the CITB and CSCS databases, ensuring that workers holding CSCS, CPCS and CISRS cards, have their qualifications checked before they start work on a Carillion project. Read more

Did you pay more than £30?

CSCS is aware that there are many companies offering to apply for CSCS cards on behalf of applicants. For some, these companies provide a useful service. However, applicants should be aware that CSCS cards cost £30 and the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test costs £19.50. If you are asked to pay more than this then make sure you check what extra services you are paying for. Read more