Have you worked with charities?
I just published another Campaign Critique, this time focusing on a charity email. I admittedly don’t have much experience with non-profits, but find them to be fascinating when it comes to web and email design. If any of you regularly work with non-profits, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how they differ from B2C or B2B audiences.
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Campaign Critique 03
Johnny Steele (awesome name, I know) sent over an interesting email from the Scottish charity Quarriers. See how an update to the design and a focus on copywriting can improve things.
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Other Awesome Stuff
Designing an Effective Donate Form
Brad Frost lays out the thinking behind a recent donation form redesign. A beautiful and logical look at how these things should work.
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Behold, the Fold
Sophie Shepherd tears apart one of the most pervasive myths in web design. Next time a stakeholder mentions The Fold, point them here.
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Is wearable technology the future of email marketing?
Campaign Monitor's Ros Hodgekiss puts on her fortune teller hat and makes a few predictions about the future of email marketing when the inbox makes it to our wrists.
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