A Fresh Start

The last newsletter I sent was on November 1st. That's a pretty shitty go of it on my end. So, I'm calling this a fresh start. Issue number one.

Welcome to a new series of weekly emails, featuring whatever I'm thinking about and anything interesting I've stumbled upon since the last one.

Mmmm learning

Kid-Sized Bites

Over on my own blog, I wrote about tackling programming again. This time, without the mental overhead of grown up thoughts stopping me before I even get started.

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A Type of Email

My friend and fellow email designer, Paul Airy, just released his book on typography in email design. I got to peek at it before everyone else and thoroughly recommend it.

Pick it up here, it's worth it

Pretty Much Everything

I'm a complete sucker for pretty much everything (heh) Aaron Draplin does, so this mid-career retrospective was an immediate pre-order. Shipping in May, expect a new logo on my site in early June.

Books are awesome

Why I Work Remotely

An excellent article from Jason Zimdars of 37Signals (er, Basecamp) on the more important reasons for working remotely. As a father of two young kids, I definitely relate. Not everyone gets that chance to work remotely—and not everyone likes it—but it's worth trying if given the opportunity.

Cut yourself some slack

Learn Email Design

Professional Email Design is a handbook for HTML email design, diving into the tools, techniques, and elements behind successful campaigns.

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