June 2020

N8 Research Partnership universities continue the fight against COVID-19

As the pandemic continues, scientists, staff and students across the N8 Research Partnership have initiated innovative research approaches in the fight against the virus, as well as donating equipment and supplies, manufacturing PPE, and more.

Find out about more about some of the projects taking place across the N8 in the article below, including:

  • COVID sniffer dog research
  • The impact of social distancing on mental health
  • Website to aid safe COVID-19 trial prescriptions
  • Supporting the NHS in testing for COVID-19
  • Advising UK Government on food security during the pandemic
  • Laboratory to explore materials for post-COVID recovery
  • Rapid production 3D printed ventilator system
  • Identifying infection hotspots through sewage

N8 Research Partnership

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Find out more about how the eight universities have partnered with other university and research institutions across the UK and worldwide, the NHS, and UK government, working on a variety of projects to aid COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment and recovery locally and internationally.

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