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The Future for Strategic Planning Careers is Positive



COVID-19 has brought to the fore an emphasis on cash flow and short term results. In such times, those that can sell and those that understand consumers, aka strategic planners, see their stock rise significantly and this will carry forward post COVID.

The crisis has accelerated the use by client and agency alike of digital tools. The great thing about digital initiatives is that they are easily trackable. The brilliant thing about this combined trackability with qualitative understanding, is that brands have a powerful ability to impact sales. 

Post COVID-19 one lasting impact will be a continued realignment to short term sales initiatives. That said, the smart clients and brands will demand big picture/longer term creative thinking. They will insist that a strategic vision for building brands aligns with and optimises short term marketing efforts and that the team 'thinks like a brand but act like a retailer.'

Career Options For Strategists Are Greater Than Ever

I'm often nervously asked by planners/strategists where else beyond the agency they could work. Fifteen years ago the options were much more limited primarily to research agency or freelance. Today after so many years of strategists being hired, the pathway to client-side is much smoother. Similarly the pathway to brand consultancies, PR, innovation, media and 'big tech' are well worn. There are also opportunities working with big consultancies although they have been heading to the agency world, so perhaps no move necessary! Not to overstate the obvious, any business that needs to understand it's consumers can use a strategist. The one caveat to all this positivity, the more integrated (qual+quant') the strategist, the greater the opportunties.

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