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HANG TOUGH! - New Shore Power Cable Saddle from Moltec

Moltec Cable Saddle

Moltec International has developed a support system that will extend the service life of your shore power cables.

The new Moltec Cable Saddle is designed for optimal management of shore power cables on passenger loading bridges. Suspended using festooning systems, the cable saddle allows for quick and safe power/signal transfer to the aircraft.

Moltec Cable Saddle

The curved saddle correctly seats the cable while the clamp secures it in place. This keeps shore power cables off the ground and neatly organized while reducing mechanical and gravitational stresses. The system is assembled in seconds using bolts and is easily suspended using a simple, yet durable, eyelet.

Improve efficiency of your passenger loading bridges with the robust  Moltec Cable Saddle:

• Fewer costly repairs
• Reduced downtime
• Optimal and uninterrupted operation

Check out the Cable Saddle datasheet

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