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Welcome to the November newsletter, which will be the final one for 2019. In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE.

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Latest publications

Paediatric Language and Literacy

O'Connor KM, Hayes B (2019) A real-world application of Social Stories as an intervention for children with communication and behaviour difficulties

Soto X, Olszewski A, et al (2019) A Systematic Review of Phonological Awareness Interventions for Latino Children in Early and Primary Grades

Tam IOL, Leung C (2019) Evaluation of the effectiveness of a literacy intervention programme on enhancing learning outcomes for secondary students with dyslexia in Hong Kong

Wendt O, Hsu N, et al (2019) Effects of an iPad-based Speech-Generating Device Infused into Instruction with the Picture Exchange Communication System for Adolescents and Young Adults with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder


Efstratiadou E-A, Papathanasiou I,et al (2019) Efficacy of elaborated semantic features analysis in Aphasia: a quasi-randomised controlled trial

Pitt R, Theodoros D, et al (2019) The impact of the telerehabilitation group aphasia intervention and networking programme on communication, participation, and quality of life in people with aphasia

Renvall K, Nickels L (2019) Using treatment to improve the production of emotive adjectives in aphasia: a single-case study


Jesus LMT, Martinez J, et al (2019) Comparing Traditional and Tablet-Based Intervention for Children With Speech Sound Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial OPEN ACCESS

Lim J, McCabe P, et al (2019) 'Another tool in my toolbox': Training school teaching assistants to use dynamic temporal and tactile cueing with children with childhood apraxia of speech

Petinou K, Theodorou E (2019) Promoting speech intelligibility through phonologically dense targets


Kim H-H, Park J-S (2019) Efficacy of modified chin tuck against resistance exercise using handā€free device for dysphagia in stroke survivors: A randomised controlled trial

Simonelli M, Ruoppolo G, et al (2019) A stimulus for eating. The use of neuromuscular transcutaneous electrical stimulation in patients affected by severe dysphagia after subacute stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Wang Z, Wu L, et al (2019) Effects of capsaicin on swallowing function in stroke patients with dysphagia: a randomized controlled trial


Gunn A, Menzies RG, et al (2019) Phase I trial of a standalone internet social anxiety treatment for adolescents who stutter: iBroadway


Longobardi Y, Savoia V, et al (2019) Integrated rehabilitation after total laryngectomy: a pilot trial study


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