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22 FEBRUARY 2018


VIDEO: Young entrepreneurs excited about new honours programme
The second semester has just begun for the first class of students ever on the new Business and Innovations Honours Programme. Join three of the young entrepreneurs for a look back at their experiences so far.


Nitrate in drinking water increases the risk of colorectal cancer
A new study from Aarhus University now shows that there is an increased risk of colon and rectal cancer in connection with nitrate in drinking water. Also at concentrations far below the current drinking water standard. The highest nitrate concentrations are mainly seen in small private water supplies.

Noise sensitive persons can blame their brain
Some people are more sensitive to background noise than others. This is not because they are touchy, but because of their brain. This is shown by new research from Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University, and Helsinki University

Internal focus

New FE portal gathers together what the faculty has to offer
A new shared web universe for further and continuing education (FE) at Health has just been launched. It brings together what Health has to the offer, so there is now a single point of access to the faculty’s further and continuing education courses.

Communication courses: Last chance for registration
The deadline for registration is approaching for this spring’s four courses in research communication. These courses train researchers and PhD students in communicating health science research to other people than academics and specialists – orally, in writing, on mobile video and via the media. Please note that the courses are held in Danish.

Increase awareness of your research at the festival of research
Aarhus University will be opening its doors to the general public on Thursday 26 April from 14:00-18:00 in and around Stakladen, and the theme of the event is FASCINATING RESEARCH. This is an opportunity for you and your fellow researchers to present your work to a popular audience. 

It’s time for the 2018 pay negotiations
From 1 March and the following two weeks, all employees at Health can apply for a pay increase as part of the salary negotiations for 2018.

Starting on Monday 12 February, the streets in the University Park will be bike-friendly
The City of Aarhus and AU want to make it safer to bike in the University Park. From now on, the streets in the University Park will be bike-friendly. While motor vehicles are still permitted on campus, drivers will have to slow down to accommodate cyclists.

upcoming events

PhD defence: Kristine Raaby Gammelgaard
PhD defence: Thomas Nordstrøm Kjær
PhD defence: Mads Svart


You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar

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