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Seatpost Shock Absorbers Could Be Good for Cyclists

Adding seatpost shock absorbers to bicycles might have sexual health benefits for both men and women, according to a Sexual Medicine study. 

While cycling is good exercise, oscillation pressures hit the perineum directly. For some cyclists, this contributes to genital numbness or, for men, erectile dysfunction (ED). 

The investigation involved 29 male and 10 female cyclists who were each fit to a stationary bicycle. Researchers measured oscillation and perineal pressure as cyclists tested standard seatposts and seatposts with shock absorbers. 

As oscillation increased, so did perineal pressure. With the shock absorbers, change in pressure was reduced by 57% in the stationary condition. It was also reduced in the pedaling condition, although the amount was not statistically significant. 

Still, the use of shock absorber seatposts warrants further study, the authors said. 

Please see further details here. 

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