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CP-QCS	- Servo Size Changeover Case Packer
Product Feature: CP-QCS - Servo Size Changeover Case Packer
This month's product feature is on the CP-QCS. The CP-QCS features all-servo change over technology. The case packer also utilizes gantry robot technology to erect cases efficiently. For this application, the CP-QCS handled cartons at 75 cpm with multiple product configurations. A Nordson Problue 7 Adhesive System is standard on the unit. View here (Video ID: 352).
Product Feature: TR-QCR - Transrector Series Robotic Case Erector
The TR-QCR brings the ultimate flexibility in case erecting technology. With the touch of a button, the TR-QCR will automatically change over. The system also features AFA's world-class gantry robot case erecting technology. This technology provides high-speed and efficient case erecting. Allen Bradley servos and drives are standard on the unit. Find out more on the TR-QCR here (Video ID: 353).
New Product Development: The TR-GTE - Glue Style Carton Former for large cartons
The TR-GTE - Glue Style Carton Former offers an easy carton/tray blank loading magazine. The magazine is on a vertical orientation, and the cartons/trays are quickly loaded at an ergonomic level. No more having to stack the cartons/trays on a horizontal orientation. Also, the TR-GTE has an innovative quick changeover feature. The cartons/trays are formed using a mandrel head and folding rails. Click here to find out more.