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Here are a few new acts for your next event.

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Silver Winged Stilt Angels.
 Rolls Royce Custom Costumes.
 These costumes are also great for a  25-year anniversary Silver theme.

Acrobat Lazer Glow Show

Let your Logo/ Tagline/ Company Name come alive mid air around dancers. THIS IS NEW TECHNOLOGY!

birthday entertainment

LED prop dancing with customizable graphic displays to display customized images, words and logos in mid air around our dancers is a captivating and unforgettable promotional tool.   

The LED programming of every prop can be controlled in real-time via Bluetooth engineering, and numerous props could be utilized with wireless communication between several them for a stunning intelligent display of images or words pieced together through a playful panorama of synched graphics.The wide range of variations and possibilities available make it easy to put together an impressive and unforgettable show tailored to your specific vision, needs and marketing goals.

entertainment ideas for your event
entertainment ideas for your party
entertainment for your party

LEFT:  Airbrush logos or company names on guests. Airbrush Artists add an interactive quality to your events. Now we can airbrush your clients logo and/or company name on guests!

RIGHT:   Custom Made Costumes to fit your clients theme or logo. This is a Westime Watches Custom Costume

contortionist san diego

Bathtub Contortionist

contortionist LA

Bathtub Contortionist

contortionist ca

Bathtub Contortionist

Upcoming Public Show this FRIDAY!

San Diego Arabian Nights

Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters perform at Sufi Restaurant.

Middle-Eastern and gypsy rock music,
with lovely performers.


Sufi Restaurant
5911 Balboa Ave San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-7770
Performance time: 8:00pm
Get there early, to get a good table and order dinner!
The food is great. Check out the 96 reviews on Yelp!

$0 No Cover Charge!
However, one menu item purchase per person required.

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strolling table champagne

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ABOVE PHOTOS: : Black Jack ~ NEW! Singing Marie Antoinette ~ China Girl ~ Champagne Dress