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An evening with the Premier of NSW - The Hon. Barry O'Farrell

The Crescent Club was proud to welcome The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, the 43rd Premier of NSW on the 10th of September 2012 to present at the Crescent Club's Leadership Series. Again we thank our gracious supporters, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Fujitsu, Crescent Wealth and the Islamic Museum of Australia.

Following a personal introduction by Mr Samier Dandan, the Chairman of Managenet and member of the Crescent Club, Premier O'Farrell addressed the Crescent Club members on a number of key economic reforms and developments currently taking place in NSW.  He discussed the need for increased infrastructure investments ranging from roads, railways, schooling and robust financial industry expansions necessary to sustain growth in NSW.

After taking over as NSW Premier, Mr O'Farrell set out to reform many of the existing government processes in an attempt to improve efficiency, and restructure some of the delivery methods to the NSW Public.

Premier O'Farrell expressed confidence, that after some challenging issues are dealt with, NSW will once again become the powerhouse of Australian economic development and growth.  Premier O'Farrell also discussed the need for the private sector to be better integrated into schemes such as roads along with the importance of input from the general public with ideas to better improve NSW infrastructure. 

During question time, the Premier addressed queries ranging from proposed education reforms through to the Governments consideration of "Sukuks" (Islamic Bonds) and infrastructure in superannuation. The premier spoke of his trip to the UAE as the leader of the of the Government's delegation to explore regulatory and legal issues with the Dubai Export Development Corp as well as exploring Islamic finance opportunities. 


The Crescent Club team would like to sincerely thank Premier O’Farrell for taking time out of his exceptionally busy schedule and speak at the Executive Series of the Crescent Club.

We would also like to thank everyone who attended on the 10th of September, making the evening’s event a success. 

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Upcoming Event - UAE Ambassador November 2012

The Crescent Club team has organised an exciting upcoming event for November, hosting the UAE Ambassador to Australia,  HE Mr Ali Al-Nuaimi – an excellent event not to be missed.


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