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Join Us at the SMSNA Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in Miami

The 19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) is coming soon! Specialists in all disciplines of sexual medicine will meet November 8 - 11, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. 

The program includes a variety of lectures, panels, poster sessions, and point-counterpoint debates covering the latest sexual medicine research.

The program also offers a Cancer Survivorship and Sexual Health Symposium, featuring keynote speaker Captain Mark Kelly, astronaut and Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final mission.

It's easy to register online, and attendees who do so before November 1, 2018 can take advantage of discounted advance fees. On or after November 1, full on-site fees apply. 

Check out all the details on the meeting website.  

Study: Women's Orgasms Take Longer With Partner

Women tend to reach orgasm more quickly during masturbation than with a partner, a new Journal of Sexual Medicine paper reports. 

After analyzing data from 2,304 women, researchers found that the average orgasm latency time during masturbation was 8 minutes. During partnered sex, the average time was 14 minutes. 

However, more than half the women said that orgasms with a partner were more satisfying. 

In general, women who reported orgasm difficulties needed more time when they were with a partner, but not when they masturbated. 

The authors also discussed possible reasons for longer orgasm latency time during partnered sex and further differences between women with and without orgasm difficulties. Read more. 

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