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Context: Unpacking Premier Rachel Notley's first address to the Calgary business community

Context: Unpacking Premier Rachel Notley's first address to the Calgary business community

Introducing Context, a new podcast series from the Calgary Chamber. In these podcasts hosted by Director of Policy Justin Smith, you'll be brought closer to the prominent leaders from our speaker series through valuable insights into their presentations and how it will impact your business. This month, our speaker was the honourable Rachel Notley, newly elected Premier of Alberta.

To a crowd of 1600 Calgary business leaders, the Premier Notley laid out her strategy to tackle the large problems Alberta is facing by focusing on private investment, energy diversification, taxation and the environment.

Listen to our podcast on Premier Notley's first address to the Calgary business community to hear what was said and what it means for business.


Dear Calgary Chamber members

An open letter on the provincial budget

Dear Calgary Chamber members: An open letter on the provincial budget

Earlier this week, the provincial government tabled the 2015-16 budget, the first comprehensive spending plan submitted by the NDP since their election this past spring.

Since the election, the Chamber has been working tirelessly with the new government to educate them on the issues that matter most to the competitiveness and success of businesses large and small in Calgary. 

Read our open letter to find out how the provincial budget addresses the key issues for the business community.

For our new Liberal government, here are 5 business issues they can't ignore

For our new Liberal government, here are 5 business issues they can't ignore

On October 19, 2015, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau won a decisive electoral victory in an election with the highest voter turnout in two decades, taking with him a solid majority to the House of Commons. His most significant early challenge will be achieving progress on a number of troubling issues to help make Canada’s economy stronger than ever.

At the Calgary Chamber, we remain undeterred in our mission to tirelessly support the interests of the business community, and look forward to working with the new government to address on a number of issues that are critical to our national economy.

As we look toward transition, including the appointment of his cabinet by November 4th, here are 5 key issues from the Calgary business community the new Prime Minister and his colleagues can’t afford to ignore.



Policy report: Agribusiness research and development

An opportunity and a necessity

Agribusiness research and development

Alberta has established a reputation the world over for finding new and innovative ways to make the most of its natural resources. However, for decades these research and development efforts have been concentrated in the energy industry.

With unprecedented uncertainty in the provincial economy, transformational technologies, and changing global trade dynamics, it is now the time to bring this same pioneering spirit to another industry, one as synonymous with Alberta as oil and gas — agribusiness.

Read our latest report on the policy shifts we need to take our agri-business industry to the next level on the global stage.



Wanted: One dynamic Senior Policy Analyst


You are invigorated knowing that your role is to help provide information, positions and perspective that will make Calgary the best place to do business.

You are an enthusiastic student of business, the economy and what makes cities great, ever-consuming information about how business can improve, the issues facing our local companies and then devising ways to improve the Calgary business environment.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, let's talk.