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Influence: Advocacy that helps your business

Your Chamber briefs new NDP cabinet on business priorities

Taking your priorities to the new government right away, your Calgary Chamber was invited to brief the government's new cabinet on Thursday, May 28th.

It was a valuable opportunity for Chamber President and CEO Adam Legge (centre) along with Chamber Board Chair Rob Hawley (right) and Director of policy, research and government relations Justin Smith, to introduce the mission and mandate of our organization to finance minister Joe Ceci (left) and the rest of the newly-elected cabinet, including Premier Notley. 

We had a productive and informative discussion where we made clear the key challenges facing the business community, and the ways in which proactive government policy can support the Alberta economy and drive future growth.

A sign of your influence at work and the clear relevance of Chamber membership, we left the room with plenty of requests for follow-up and future engagement. Through your Chamber membership, you now have an open door to connect with the provincial government.


Three for three at the ACC

Full delegation's approval validates policy resolutions from your Chamber

Developing a regulatory system that keeps Alberta competitive

The Calgary Chamber took its advocacy to Medicine Hat this past month for the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) Annual General Meeting, and was successful in passing all three of its 2015 policy resolutions at the event’s policy conference.

Through the work of our standing policy committees, the Chamber put forth resolutions around the key business issues of Aboriginal consultation, Alberta's leadership in the development of a Canadian energy strategy, and an Alberta Investor Tax Credit.

Learn more about how the resolutions will form a piece of the ACC's advocacy over the coming years.

Op-ed: Climate policy is too important to get wrong

Op-ed: Climate policy is too important to get wrong

Last week Steve Williams, president and CEO of Suncor Energy along with Justin Smith, director of policy, research and government relations at the Calgary Chamber and Chris Ragan, the chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and professor of economics at McGill University, spoke out in favour of provincial carbon pricing.

An effective price on carbon — one that results in meaningful GHG reductions and helps to drive low-carbon innovation — would help Alberta’s oilpatch at a time when clean energy is increasingly becoming a global priority. Such a policy would improve the chances for new pipeline construction and also help to secure Alberta’s long-term position as a supplier to the global oil market.

There is much work to do in Alberta in designing a carbon-pricing policy that appropriately balances the needs of a competitive economy with the need to reduce GHG emissions. Doing nothing should not be an option, but neither should producing a rushed and botched policy. 

It has taken years for Alberta to arrive at this juncture where significant climate policy is possible; taking a few months more to get it right should be an easy choice. 


Working with a government in transition

What’s really going on over there? 

Developing a regulatory system that keeps Alberta competitive

The winds of political change blowing through Alberta have many wondering how they will continue to conduct effective business during this time of transition. To navigate these changes, we've assembled a panel of highly esteemed government relations leaders to break down the details and mechanics of how power will pass to the NDP in Alberta, and the potential engagement opportunities that could arise.

Thursday, June 4, 2015 
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Calgary Chamber
600, 237 8th Avenue SE

Join us to learn how your business can develop an effective strategy for engaging and collaborating with a government in transition.


Survey findings: Diverse perspectives on our new NDP government


Your Chamber has an important role in helping align the priorities of government with those of business. To inform that work, the Calgary Chamber recently sent a survey to members, asking for their thoughts on the new NDP government and we received an unprecedented level of response. Thank you for that!

In analyzing those responses one thing is crystal clear, we have a membership divided on what a new NDP government could mean for Alberta. Nonetheless, Chamber members are a pragmatic bunch and common threads run through their thoughts.

Read about the preliminary indications we gathered from our membership on the new NDP government.