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June 2015

IntlUni Newsletter # 6

Welcome to the sixth IntlUni newsletter

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We are once again very pleased to circulate our IntlUni newsletter and we hope you will find this an informative and inspiring read about the progress made in IntlUni over the last six months.

The ultimate aim of the project is to identify the quality criteria that should characterise teaching and learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space (MMLS), and to develop recommendations for how Higher Education Institutions may implement and ensure the sustainability of quality teaching and learning in the MMLS.

For more information about the IntlUni Network, please visit our website - www.IntlUni.eu

The Big Picture: why is IntlUni important?

The work of the IntlUni project is drawing to a close as we approach our final meeting in Brussels on 24th September. This final conference will see the culmination of project work in the launch of the IntlUni Recommendations document and it will celebrate a rich network of shared experience in the IntlUni partnership.

At our most recent partner meeting, we asked our partners why the project has been important. Here are some of their comments:

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The IntlUni partner representatives at the meeting in Ljubljana May 2015

All-partner meeting in Ljubljana, 20-22 May

The beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, played host to the penultimate all-partner meeting for IntlUni on 20-22 May, 2015. The meeting united most of the 38-partner strong network to discuss and refine the culminating document of the project: the IntlUni Recommendations.

This document will bring together 3 years of meetings, discussions and thinking about how we can understand and identify the quality criteria which characterise the multilingual, multicultural learning space, and also how we can ensure the sustainability of quality in this space. The diversity of the IntlUni network has been key factor in influencing the development of project work, and the input of all partners would be essential in shaping and finalising the IntlUni Recommendations.

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Final Conference: Towards mastering the challenges of the international classroom

The IntlUni Final Conference of the IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network will be held at the Parlement bruxellois in Brussels on 24 September 2015.

The IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network has addressed the challenges of the multilingual and multicultural learning space, that is, the international classroom. At the Conference, the final outcomes of the project – the IntlUni Principles for quality teaching and learning in the multilingual and multicultural learning space with Illustrative samples and the IntlUni Recommendations will be presented and discussed with higher education (HE) stakeholders.

We are very much looking forward to presenting the outcomes of IntlUni to external stakeholders and to decision makers and colleagues in our own institutions. I think we can be proud of what we have been able to achieve, offering a picture of the current situation in the multilingual and multicultural classroom of European Higher Education Institutions as well as recommendations for how the quality of teaching and learning  may be improved in future, says Karen M. Lauridsen, IntlUni Coordinator

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IntlUni outcomes of Work Packages 4

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The IntlUni Management Team at Aarhus University, DK

This Erasmus Academic Network has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



Kate Borthwick, Univeristy of Southhampton, Work Package Leader, IntlUni Dissemination - WP 7

Peter Stear, Freie Universität Berlin, Work Package Leader, IntlUni Dissemination - WP 7

Karen M. Lauridsen, Aarhus University, IntlUni Coordinator, IntlUni Management

Mette Kastberg Lillemose, Aarhus University, IntlUni Project Manager, IntlUni Secretariat

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