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XpresWash Uses RFID to Increase Clients ROI and Revenue

 XpresSystems has developed an innovative automated system that uses tamperproof UHF RFID tags at a point of sale, coupling the tag ID with a specific customer’s billing profile. As customers pass through a carwash tunnel equipped with a CS203 reader, the tag is read and the customer can be automatically billed for the wash.

XpresWash has done an excellent job offering its client base of car wash vendors a clear and superior ROI using RFID, which is a primary challenge for many RFID integrators. The CS203 Integrated reader/antenna is the perfect RFID reader for this application. It’s fully integrated form factor and single cable POE connectivity allows for quick and simple installation in varying physical layouts. The CS203 is one of the only IP68 rated RFID readers on the market, making it ideal for an application that is going to be outdoors and exposed to water on a regular basis.

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