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Thanksgiving in the Community

Thanksgiving was celebrated several times this past month. Ladies at Tutweiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka were treated to dinner prepared by Margarita Betencourt and her daughter. Residents at the Genesis II Transitional Home in Dothan also had dinner prepared by both UpTeens and mentor Ann Bott. May we continue to feel greatful for all that we have throughout the holiday season. 

Thanksgiving at Tutweiler Prison for Women.

Residents and their families enjoyed a meal at Genesis II prepared by UpTeens.

Case Manager/Facilitator Margarita Betencourt prepares Thanksgiving dinner for the ladies at Tutweiler Prison. 

Mentor Ann Bott's decorated Thanksgiving table at Genesis II

Fun Ways to Raise Funds!

On December 2 Healthy You, Inc. will participate in the national movement, Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a day to remind us all that giving means much more than the exchange of material goods—it means volunteering, helping those in need and donating to worthy causes. Visit http://www.razoo.com/story/Healthy-You and search for Healthy You Inc to make your donation. 

The Cheebuger Cheeburger Dothan location will donate 15 percent of sales on December 2 to Healthy You for everyone who mentions Healthy You on that day. This is a great way to raise money for Healthy You on Giving Tuesday. Dine in or take out are accepted.

On December 6, make sure to catch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in Dothan. On both dine in and take out, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10 percent of sales to Healthy You for anyone mentions Healthy You on this day.

When doing your holiday shopping, visit www.smile.amazon.com and log in using your Amazon username and password. From there, you can select the charity you would like to support. Choose Healthy You Inc in Dothan. Then just shop as usual! Amazon will donate a portion of sales to Healthy You. 



Voices of Incarceration

When Healthy You Inc was recently invited to present our Active Relationships class to the women at Houston County Jail, the participants learned a lot about their own self worth.

“This class has helped me understand about relationship with my mother. I have been deaf my whole life. I blamed my mom for a long time but now I can try to get along with her since she realizes that I am trying to change and better myself. I was also a drug addict. I ran to drugs to solve my problems but now I’ve learned that drugs don’t solve it. We've learned to use the SMART cards to stop arguing and cool off or give each other time away then come back and talk calmly. I’ve been working on myself in class, she even accepted to go to class with me to work on our relationship!" --JoAnna

For more stories like JoAnna's, please visit www.jtfstraighttalk.com.



UpTeen Parent Social

In November, the parents of Healthy You's UpTeens had a chance to meet the staff and learn about what it means to be an UpTeen. This teen leadership program is recruiting again, and community members are encouraged to nominate any 10th-12th grade student who has an aptitude for leadership. After receiving leadership training, UpTeens do work in the community and in their schools during the school year. Call 334-671-7774 for a nomination form. 

UpTeens Show Gratitude for Custodians

In November, Healthy You UpTeens showed their gratitude for lunchroom workers and custodians at their schools. Teens delivered baked goods and thanked these men and women for the work they do for their high schools.  During the school year, UpTeens lead the ReConnect program, part of Chick Fil A’s Core Essentials ®. This influential group of students lead the effort to infuse values in their own culture at school and in the community using a particular word to focus on each month. The word for November was Gratitude. December's word is Generosity.

Healthy You Finishes Year on a High Note

Healthy You, Inc. recently completed its eight grant year. In the first five years, over 24,000 individuals across the state of Alabama were impacted by services provided by Healthy You. During years six through eight, over 8,500 high school students participated in Healthy Relationship workshops. Over 300 couples completed a marriage enhancement workshop. Of the 145 individuals who received soft skills and employment training, 60 have been hired for employment. Over 2,000 individuals, including those who are incarcerated, in drug rehab, veterans and others in need, received Life Skills and Relationship training. From that number over 300 enrolled in Healthy You's Case Management services. All of the workshops offered through Healthy You teach communication skills, conflict resolution, managing emotions and celebrating strengths. 

The goal of Healthy You is to create a better world for children. That goal is acheived by instilling a sense of personal value in individuals and providing the tools needed to maintain healthy relationships and intact families. Our workshops are available to the public. Call 334-671-7774 for more information or to schedule a workshop.